Recognize yourself in this video?

If so, shame on you!  Whether you’re the client or the agency guy — you know better.

While this is obviously over the top, I think we all know that it hits a little close to home.  The work and the audience deserves better.  (Email subscribers – click here to view video.)

5 comments on “Recognize yourself in this video?

  1. Kamy Larkin says:

    Wow… that’s awesome.
    Sometimes you totally feel like the “designer”

    1. Kamy,

      I thought it was pretty funny…but had enough truth in it for all of us to wince a little!


  2. I showed this to a few of my fellow co-workers and we all winced. Been there way too many times.

  3. Tracy says:

    Spot on. Enjoyed the video and as you said, Drew, “enough truth to make us all wince a little. ” It’s good to take a step back and review our own actions from time to time.

    And yet we still wonder on occasion why it can be so hard to get our audience’s attention. Go figure.

  4. Beth Gibbins says:

    I can relate far to well to the designer here. So many times design is killed by committee!

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