The mobile revolution is coming. Are you ready?

Consider these mobile facts:

  • By 2013 — 50%of web traffic will come from mobile devices.
  • 91% of mobile users consume social media on their mobile device.
  • The US population is approx. 306 million. 69 million of those people have smart phones today.

I’ve mentioned before that by 2020, the #1 way we will access the web is through our smartphones.  That’s only 9 years away.  Is your business getting ready for the mobile revolution?

Check out this video on the smartphone consumer and the mobile movement.  Notice how their behaviors are already radically changing and we’re in the infancy of this trend.

Are you poo pooing this because you’re a B2B company?  Better think again.  Check out this free PDF from my brilliant pal Christina Kerley — filled with case studies, video links and more — all showing you how mobile is affecting B2B.

Remember how the web changed the way you did business, marketed your business and in some ways — literally changed who your customers were?  Mobile is going to do the same thing.  If you’re prepared.

I’m curious — what are you doing to get ready?


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7 comments on “The mobile revolution is coming. Are you ready?

  1. Minutes before reading this post I was having a conversation about not wishing to lug my giant laptop around. A tablet/ipad is not exactly a mobile, but I am heading in that direction.

    1. Jeff,

      I don’t think you’re alone. It’s not uncommon anymore to see more iPads in a business meeting than laptops. I was at the 140 conference on Monday and 50% of the audience had one!


  2. I remember when I said I would NEVER have a cell phone. I laugh at myself now. I can’t imagine functioning in the Business World without the technology we have today and what is just around the corner. Thank you for the insight!

    Carol Carroll

    1. Carol,

      Me too! Now, I practically sleep with mine on my pillow!


  3. Leah says:

    What are we doing to get ready? Weeping and gnashing our teeth, mostly…

    Just kidding. We are under re-design at this very moment. It seems it has to be done about every 2 years for one reason or another….I’m feeling rather proud of myself actually, for getting it done now instead of waiting around.

    1. Leah,

      Good for you! You’ll definitely be ahead of the curve!


  4. Coleman,

    What plans are underway?


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