Just because you can…

At MMG, we’re often heard saying “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”  This applies to many things but it seems to come up most when we’re talking about design.

  • Just because you can use 12 fonts on one piece doesn’t mean you should
  • Just because you can auto tweet every 5 minutes doesn’t mean you should
  • Just because you can make your logo spin and catch fire on your website doesn’t mean you should
  • And so on….

Which is why this direct mail piece I received caught my attention.  It’s a perfect example of this axiom.  Check out the short video demo.



How about you?  Are there places in your marketing plan that perhaps you’ve crossed the line a little?  Are you guilty of doing more just because you can?

I see this a lot when a business owner tries to DIY their marketing.  They just aren’t quite sure where the line should be drawn.  Remember in most things — simple and clean will beat complicated any day.

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