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One of the best benefits of being a part of the Age of Conversation series is that I’ve met a lot of really smart, generous people who do good work and celebrate others’ good work.

That’s how I had the good fortune of being a guest on the US Media Radio show with Deborah Chaddock Brown (her co-host Candace Benson was called to the White House…so hard to fault her absence!) to talk about crowdsourcing and the Age series.

It was fun to tell stories of how Gavin and I kicked off the first book and all the crazy, surprising relationship/business building outcomes that have come as a result of the series.

If you’d like to listen to the conversation Deborah and I had — all you have to do is click here.


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4 comments on “Radio show on book crowdsourcing

  1. Coach Mitch says:

    Drew –

    This is an awesome story and a great concept!

    Plus, you’re offering some great ideas on how to bring a bunch of talented people together to make a BIG impact! Now, I know this wasn’t easy and there was plenty of of blood, sweat and… well… more sweat… to get these books done!

    But it’s awesome to see the impact!

    Plus, as you know, we work with new life coaches and a lot of them have GREAT ideas but they don’t feel like they have enough content to write a full book. So I just suggested that they look to you and this idea for a potential solution!

    I’m just thinking that this could be a great opportunity to gather around a common cause or problem and then bring your network together to write a book to help provide a solution (or numerous solutions)!

    Again, I know this isn’t easy but it sure can be a way to make a much bigger impact than trying to do something alone!

    So thanks for another great post! It was an honor to shoot it out to our audience buddy!

    We’ll be doing more of it in the future.


    1. Mitch,

      Thanks for sharing this with your students. And you’re right — plenty of blood, sweat and probably a tear or two. (Gavin’s very emotional!) This method of producing a book brings many benefits that as a solo author (which i’ve also done) doesn’t have. The community and camaraderie are invaluable and last much longer than the “I;m an author” glow does!


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