Are Smart Phone cameras your new marketing partner?


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Are you leveraging your clients’ technology?

The smart phone is literally changing our world, bit by bit.  It’s changing how we accomplish everyday tasks, how we get our work done and how we communicate with/to the world.

Let me give you an example.

Fact:  Mobile devices have replaced cameras for 44% of consumers

How does that impact your business?  Every day, the majority of your customers are walking around with a camera in their pocket.   How have you adjusted your marketing/thinking to take advantage of that?

Odds are, your answer is… I haven’t.  Begin by asking yourself these questions:

Can I integrate photography/photos into my core offerings?

Example:  EBay has now added the functionality of being able to scan a bar code and click a photo (all with a smart phone) and with two quick uploads, your sales listing is complete.

Is there something you could add (customers text you photos of their car accident from the scene, clients inventory stock for their quarterly financials with some photos, etc.) to how you support clients that their phones could make easier, faster, cheaper?

Do my policies need to be updated?

Example:  It used to be that bridal shops wouldn’t let you bring a camera into their store, for fear you’d steal the design and run home and make it yourself.  Now… anyone can snap photos in the dressing room without lugging in a camera.

Maybe the bridal shops should have you text them photos (from magazines or wherever) of dresses you like so they can pull similar dresses for you to try on, when you arrive at their store?

Do you have policies and procedures that smart phones make obsolete or worse — silly?

How can I get my best customers to share photos that tie to my work?

Example:  There’s a production studio here in my community that in the good old days, used to snap poloroids of the people in studio and then display them all over their walls.  Today’s modern version of that should be — they grab a quick digital shot on their phone… and upload it to their Facebook fan page, tagging the people in the photo.

Now… not only will their fans see the pictures, but so will the Facebook network of each person in the photo.  How can you leverage your customers’ love for sharing, their smart phone and their network?

What other questions, in terms of the smart phone’s ability to capture photos, should we be asking ourselves?

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