Brilliant writing is timeless

Two months into launching my blog in 2006, I stumbled upon this example of copywriting brilliance and shared it with my readers.  Back then, my readers consisted of my parents and about 2 other kind souls who took pity on the newbie blogger.

I was going through some old posts for a project I’m working on and discovered it again.  Now that I have a whole handful of readers, I thought I’d share it again.

As you experience the copy, think about how it must have evolved.  The time it took.  The precision of the language.  This kind of work doesn’t happen when you’re rushed or not really thinking about the end game — what do I want my audience to feel/realize at the end?

There’s a twist to this…so stick with it until the end.  It’s worth it.



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4 comments on “Brilliant writing is timeless

  1. Brandon says:

    Great Stuff. as a copywriter I can see how hard it was to get this right. I ‘d vote for him….lol even if it was an ad man that wrote that ad . lol, too bad hes just a politician..

  2. Aw, this is certified inspirational. 🙁 I’ve actually seen some modified copies of this one, with the country’s name change. Needless to say, the message isn’t really lost. I think everyone deserves to hear this.

    1. Mae,

      I agree — inspirational to every writer out there to think past the first solutions and really do something memorable!


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