The iPad case that keeps me organized

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The removable divider on this awesome iPad case

As you know, I am all about how spectacular the iPad is for business use.

It can literally replace your laptop computer without you skipping a beat.  I love to use it in meetings — to take notes, to hop on the internet if that’s helpful to the conversation or to demo or to review creative with a client.

The iPad has been awesome from the get go. But I’ve struggled with finding a way to transport it.

I couldn’t find a case that allowed me to stay organized.  My messenger bag (which I use for my laptop) was too big but just carrying the iPad loose wasn’t cutting it either.

So when my friend Mike Colwell (from here in Des Moines) said he had designed one specifically for business people — I was more than ready to try it.

You can go to the website ( to read about how it’s made in Chicago, the material and how it super protects your iPad etc.  What I want to show you is the element that makes this a must own tool for me.

There’s this removable center insert that is made from a very rigid material but covered in a soft fabric.  On the divider are a series of pockets made from a very tight elastic so everything stays put snugly.  I love that I can take it out of the case itself to re-pack the contents.

For me, this means I can literally head out to a meeting with just this case.  Inside, I can put my iPhone, some pens, business cards, my car keys, a jump drive in case clients want to give me some digital files, ear buds and my moleskin if I need to quickly draw something out.  My point is — it’s all self contained.

I know this is going to sound a little crazy — but this case has changed how I go to meetings.  I feel more organized and I’ve got everything I need to conduct business.  It’s also awesome on a plane (fits right into the pocket in front of your seat) with boarding passes etc. added to the mix.

There’s plenty of room if you use some sort of cover for your iPad too.  I use the ZAGGmate Aluminum case with a bluetooth keyboard (which I love!) and it fits just fine.

You know I don’t usually promote products — but this case, I really want you to know about this case.  It makes owning and using your iPad for business the cat’s meow.  (Yes…the cat’s meow.)

Note:  Mike did give me my case for free.  He didn’t ask me to write about it.  I just want you to know.

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8 comments on “The iPad case that keeps me organized

  1. Drew:
    I haven’t gotten an iPad yet but I know I’m going to be getting one soon. Does this case come in pink? I really like pink cases, the hotter the pink shade, the better. A hot pink case might even speed up my decision to get an iPad. I know I should have one.
    Thanks for the advice.

    1. Nancy —

      I think you’d need to add some pink bling to your case. That would make it unique to you! You really do need to get an iPad. You’ll love it and you will love your client’s reaction. They think you’re on the cutting edge when you walk in with that sort of technology and actually use it for more than watching movies!

      When you’re ready to buy — let me know and I’m happy to send you a list of the must have apps that I use every day.


  2. Martha says:

    Hey Drew,

    Thanks so much for the heads up on this case!

    I’m like Nancy, on the fence re an iPad purchase. I did buy a Mac Pro and haven’t gotten it up and running. Believe I would’ve done better to transition into full Apple products if I’d gotten an iPad first!

    Yay re pink bling!

    Eager to read your list of must have apps. I did read the lists you linked to in this post! Amazing what can be accomplished with an iPad!

    Thanks for all the great info,

    1. Martha,

      If you haven’t already gone to your local Apple Store — be sure you do that. They’ll help you get it all set up. They’re awesome about all of that. As for the iPad….I can only rave about it. It’s an incredible business tool and fun too.

      At least go play with one for awhile at the Apple Store, while you’re getting your Macbook Pro set up.


  3. I appreciate you sharing this Drew. The fact that you generally don’t promote products makes me take notice. And I’m always on the lookout for tools that help me simplify and organize my life.

    1. Kathy,

      Happy to be of service!


  4. Danielle says:

    Hi Drew!
    I have an iPad and have been searching for the perfect case. A couple questions, do you they sell retail anywhere so I could see before I buy?

    Also, what is your list of favorite apps? I’m always searching for the best to maximize my time and efforts.


    1. Hey Danielle,

      They don’t sell retail — but I know they have a money back guarantee. Shipping is free…so you have nothing to lose.

      As for my must have apps — here you go:


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