This book is light on the BS and heavy on social media insight

no bullshit book
Good primer on social media

As a member of Amazon’s Vine program, I received a copy of Jason Falls and Erik Deckers‘ new book No Bullshit Social Media*. (click here to buy it) and knew it would be a great read — simply by knowing the authors.

I dove into it — and was not disappointed.

Here’s who will find great value in this book:

  • College students who want to find a fresher way to get a job
  • Young marketing professionals who know social media matters but don’t really understand the business implications
  • Seasoned marketing professionals who didn’t grow up in the digital age and want to catch up
  • Corporate types who have to convince their boss that social media shouldn’t be ignored
  • Business owners who are wondering if it’s worth the time investment

This book lays out the argument that social media is not going away.  It’s not a fad — it’s a new and permanent shift in how we communicate with reach other, with companies, brands and how we influence strangers through sites like YELP and Amazon reviews.  Authors Jason Falls and Erik Deckers really demonstrate both the risks of ignoring it and the huge potential gains for any business smart enough to jump on board this moving train.

The authors tell great stories and provide lots of examples that are both educational and compelling.

Here’s who will enjoy the book but may not take copious notes:

  • Seasoned marketing pros who have already been active in social media
  • People looking for a blueprint of “how to do it” so they put down the book and launch their social media program
  • Social media consultants (although frankly some of the so called experts should read it!)

Even if you feel like you’re on the cutting edge — you will enjoy this book.  It’s worth the read.

And if you’re new to the idea of using social media to promote, grow and sustain your business — grab a highlighter, a lined notebook for jotting down ideas and your imagination and then settle in for a very good introduction that will have your head exploding with ideas and the possibilities.

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5 comments on “This book is light on the BS and heavy on social media insight

  1. Erik Deckers says:

    Hey Drew, thank you for the awesome review. I really appreciate it. I also like that you’re encouraging people to actually make notes in the book. I do that for a lot of the books I read — right in the middle of Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Thank You Economy” right now, underlining the hell out of it!

    1. Hey Erik,

      Congrats on writing such a useful and teaching moment rich book! I’m like you — I’ve got a book in one hand and a pen in the other. If I’m not writing directly in the book — it’s going on a master to do (or consider doing) list. As i read, I’m looking for interesting twists to ideas or fresh way to chase down an old problem.

      What do you do with the insights/content after you are done underlining?


      1. Erik Deckers says:

        If the insight is especially interesting, I’ll put it in a notebook I use to collect useful and interesting information. And then I try to implement that into my daily work. If not, then the underlines stay in the book so I can see what I thought was important the next time I read it.

  2. TW,

    Social media is a little different than email marketing in that we as the consumer get to opt in. But I agree with you — it’s too valuable to allow it to be dismissed as fluff or irrelevant.


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