Introverted or not – this guide is a must read!

Lisa Petrilli’s guide for introverts

No matter what personality test I take, I tend to score off the chart on the extrovert scale.  I like big crowds, I’m comfortable speaking in front of thousands of people and I get a buzz from being at conferences, networking events and new situations with new people.

So you might think a book titled The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership would hold very little for me.  And boy, would you be wrong.  I learned quite a bit by reading Lisa Petrilli’s guide.

For readers who tend to be more introverted — you’ll learn how to create a strategy that leverages your strengths while navigate networking events, relationships with key team members, and how to connect with influential leaders who can help build/grow your career.

You’ll also learn how to make sure your ideas and good thinking sees the light of day in your organization.  Lisa also talks about how introverts can successfully motivate others, tackle decision-making, collaboration and asking for that raise or promotion.  There are some great tips on how to manage/maximize public events like conferences too.

As an extrovert — many of the suggestions applied to me as well.  I read the ebook, so I could highlight and take notes to my heart’s content! Plus, I gained a great deal of insight on how to work with introverts and help them bring their best to any project or team.

I’ve known Lisa for a few years and am more impressed with her as both a business leader and a person every day.  She’s a natural storyteller which makes her book a fun and fast read.  This would be a great read to fire you up as you get ready to take 2012 by storm.

You can buy the ebook by clicking here.

You can buy the Kindle version by clicking here.

And…you can buy the Nook version by clicking here.

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3 comments on “Introverted or not – this guide is a must read!

  1. Drew, I can’t tell you how much this review means to me, particularly coming from a proud and thoroughly successful extrovert! Your perspective is so valuable because I genuinely wanted extroverts to feel they were walking away with a much better understanding of introverts in the business world. Knowing that the insights I shared will help you to bring the best out of your teams is incredibly rewarding. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Drew!

  2. Jan Roos says:

    Is it a contradiction if you like public speaking but you’re also an introvert? Yet networking events scare me to death!

    Sounds like a book that might really be helpful – thanks for the review!

    1. Hi Jan,

      It’s not a contradiction at all…and I am the same way. When we’re speaking publicly we’re immersed in our inner world of ideas, which is where we are most comfortable. At networking events we’re immersed in that outer world of people and things – which isn’t our preference or where we get our energy.

      I talk a lot about networking in the book because it tends to be a challenge for introverts.

      All the best and wishing you great joy this holiday season!

      ~Lisa Petrilli

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