You cannot ignore Google+ for your business

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Google+ cannot be ignored

When Google+ emerged last summer, people’s reactions were to be expected.  The early adopters were all over it. But for most people who were already suffering from social media fatigue — their response was “oh no…not another site for me to maintain!”

And many people simply opted out, not wanting to use/try yet another social networking site.  All along, I have been saying that it  simply could not be ignored. (like here)

Let’s look at time line for those of you who aren’t familiar with how this played out.

  • Summer 2011 — Google+ launches
  • 16 days later — Google+  reaches 10 million users (Facebook took 852 days, Twitter took 780)
  • November 2011 — Google+ launches business pages
  • January 2012 — Google+ has just added three new features to its search giant (see below)
  • Do you think they don’t have the next move already planned?

This newest set of features makes personalization of Google search a given.  Specifically, how/who you are connected to on Google+ will impact your search results. Again — more ammo for the argument that businesses simply cannot ignore how this is changing the world of search. Here is a quick overview of the three new features. (email readers, click here to view video)


Personal Results

These results enable you to find information only pertaining to you and your connections. They show photos and updates from Google+ that include what you’ve shared and what has been shared with you there.

You will be the only one who can access this exact data.

Profiles in Search

These results, also shown in autocomplete and regular search results, will display Google+ profiles of people you know or others you may be interested in following when you search for people’s names.

Once searched, you’ll also have the choice (if you’re signed in and you use it) to add Google+ users to your Circles from directly within the search results.

People and Pages

These results show you profiles or Google+ business pages on the right-hand side of the results page when you search a specific topic or key word/s.

I don’t think I have to paint the picture for you.   Who do you think is going to get a higher search ranking — a business with or without Google+ content?

And take my word on it — this is just the beginning.  You simply cannot ignore Google+.  (Go build your Google+ business page here)

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15 comments on “You cannot ignore Google+ for your business

  1. Amy Castor says:

    Maybe people are inundated with social media right now. While it has its place, it can also suck up a lot of time and create meaningless artificial connections.

    1. Amy,

      You’ll get no argument from me on that. But…and it is a huge butt — we cannot ignore the search implications. If you want to be easily found on Google you cannot ignore Google+.


  2. Amy says:

    I admit I’ve been ignoring google+ at the moment. It’s similar to the reasons Castor mentioned. However, I definitely agree with the search ranking and will put in more effort in my google+ accounts.

    How do you feel about the new social media pinterest?

    1. Hi Amy,

      Pinterest is getting a ton of attention right now, isn’t it? I find it fascinating to watch the cycles repeat itself. First it was facebook, then Twitter. Foursquare was last year’s darling and now, Pinterest.

      I think it has some interesting applications for brands/businesses but I don’t see it being the mainstay of a business social media strategy. What’s your take on it?


  3. Hi Drew: Thanks for this post. Like others, my first thought was “not ANOTHER social media site to keep up with”! Plus, Google+ is still not a part of Twitter Clients like TweetDeck and Hootsuite for those of us who want/need one post to do multiple duty.
    Now, I have a business Google+ and my original–ANOTHER site to keep up with.

    I think I’ll try to transfer everything from my personal to my business one…when I get the time.

    What do you think?

  4. Shay Jordan says:

    Great post! I do need to start using Google+ more. I am really vamping up my marketing in 2012 and that is on my list of things to use.

    Although I will be using Pinterest too. It is intriguing to me especially with how many women in my target market are on there. Thanks for the good post!

  5. Steve Roth says:

    Drew, great article. I’m so inundated with learning social media but I realize Google+ needs to be incorporated.

    1. Steve,

      I don’t think anyone is giddy about yet another social network. But unfortunately — this one cannot be ignored.


  6. Eric Erhardt says:

    This is a great post G+ can make a big difference. Nice to have in the tool belt.

  7. Emily says:

    Hi Drew,

    Thanks for the updates on Google+. It really is a productive social platform for companies to use in their marketing campaigns. Your research on the number of users really shows how it fairs up against Facebook and Twitter. This helps companies to realize how fast Google+ is growing and how it may progress in the future. We just wrote an article on Google+ and how to use it for business:


  8. Anika Davis says:

    We cannot just ignore G+ for our businesses since of course Google is the no.1 search engine by having the greatest market share right now. And I think we cannot yet appreciate G+ right now because we can still consider that its still on its early phase. If your business prospects are on G+ then you don’t want to lose them, right? Then go wherever your prospects are.

  9. Hi Drew, thanks for the posting this article! I must admit, I too was a little hesitant to join another social network. However, being that it’s Google, I knew that it would be a home run hit and had to join. Google has made it easy for users to connect with people and business, while also keeping it fun. I can’t wait to see what Google will do next to change the way we view and use social networking.

  10. Great post Drew, the “hang outs” are awesome too since you can have multiple people all on one screen to collaborate with. Like my colleague stated today “it’s like we’re the brady bunch!”

    How are you all using G+ for business?

    1. Anders,

      The hangouts do have a bit of the Brady Bunch feel to them — but they sure are an excellent tool for collaboration, as you suggest. At this point, I’m using G+ to meet new people, to extend the exposure of my own blog posts and other people’s smart writing/thinking and some exploration of new topics/interests.

      I think it will continue to evolve, so how we use it will as well.


  11. That’s sort of my point. I get that no one is excited about it…but this is not the one to skip.


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