What’s your purple goldfish?

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A few years ago, I met Stan Phelps, another marketing guy, online (I think he commented on my blog and we started chatting via email) and before I knew it — we were friends.  He was just dipping his toe into the blogging waters and I tried to be helpful along the way.

Fast forward to today, January 11, 2012.

Stan’s first book, What’s Your Purple Goldfish*, is being released today.  I’ve read it and know you’re going to love it.  Really love it.

I’m also very humbled to say that Stan asked me to write the forward for his book.  So I can think of no better way to introduce you to Stan’s excellent book than to share with you a bit of what I had to say.

“…He understood that marketing is about being so remarkable that people can’t help but talk about you.  That if you absolutely delight someone – they will not only come back but they’ll bring friends.  They become your sales force.

Stan delivers this marketing truth over and over again in this book all wrapped in the idea of lagniappe.  What’s so awesome about the whole notion of marketing lagniappe is that it not only teaches us what to do but more importantly, it reminds us that it must be done from the heart.

True lagniappe can’t be faked or forced.  We banter the word authentic around too much these days.  But for lagniappe to work, it must be just that — real and offered without expectation of anything in return.

In other words – you do it because you want to, not because it’s in a marketing plan document or because your ROI calculator told you it would generate a 42.36% return. (And no…there’s no such thing as an ROI calculator!)

As you read the stories that Stan has collected for this book, I think you’re going to be amazing at the creativity and generosity that many businesses have and in the end, I suspect you’ll be inspired to let your inner spirit of lagniappe loose.

You’ll probably fill up a notepad with ideas of how you could do a little something extra to enchant your customers.  When you’ve turned that corner and are thinking about them rather than what’s in it for you – you’re truly ready to practice lagniappe.

I honestly believe that the guys in the white hats do win in the end.  And companies that embrace the belief that if you give first and you give generously – you will earn customers for life are marketing’s good guys. This book shows us time and time again how to make that happen.

In the end, this book is Stan’s own lagniappe for all of us.  A genuine gesture of sharing what he truly believes with the hope that it is of great value to us.  I’m so happy for you that you’ve found Stan, his book and are about to receive a gift that could, if you let it, change how you do business forever.”

True to his belief in lagniappe — Stan is making it possible for you to enjoy his book for free.  (You can buy the paperback version here* if you’d like to go that route)

Option #1:  If you own a Kindle and are an Amazon Prime member, you can download the book for free by visiting this page.  This offer is good for the next 90 days.

Option #2:  You can download a free copy from Scribd by clicking here.

Option #3:  You can buy a paperback copy here (only at this site) and if you email your receipt to Stan (click here to do that) then he’ll send you a signed paperback and a little surprise for free.

The book is well worth the $16 and it’s a freaking steal for free.  Get it however you choose to — but get it.  And as you read it, hopefully the marketing lagniappe stories will inspire some lagniappe of your own.

Go on… get the book.

*Amazon affiliate link
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19 comments on “What’s your purple goldfish?

  1. susanborst says:

    Everyone is invited to meet the author of ‘What’s Your Purple Goldfish’, Stan Phelps, at a special book launch chat this evening, 1/11/12 at 8-9pm ET.

    Stan will talk about the concept of the Purple Goldfish and we’ll meet and celebrate some Purple Goldfish recipients.

    To join the chat, go to http://www.stanzr.com/wypgbookchat and log in to the top right.

    Hope to see you there to celebrate with Stan!

  2. Mike Shreeve says:

    I really like this post. Especially the part that says “do it because you want to.” I think that truly engaging your customer can only be done from a point of honesty and being true to yourself and your product. Certainly easier said than done 🙂
    I have found that simply listening, and I mean really listening, to customers lets YOU give THEM what they want and that almost always results in a transaction of some sort.
    Fantastic post, thanks for sharing!

    1. Mike,

      Glad you found the post helpful and you are very right — listening (not giving lip service to it) can make all the difference.

      Amazing isn’t it — it doesn’t cost a dime and yet most business people will bypass it as a solution and instead, spend big $ advertising.

      We live in a crazy world!


      1. Mike Shreeve says:

        Ha! Crazy world indeed. I find it so interesting that as we move more and more towards a”globalization” (thanks to the internet) businesses/politicians/educators etc are beginning to realize and notice the individuality of their customers/students/voters etc. What is most interesting to me is watching what these companies do with this new knowledge.
        I heard a great interview (whose name I can’t remember OF COURSE) who was talking about the new economy and social media and all that stuff. He said that to compete in the new economy, one has to only look to the pharmacists of the 50’s. He mentioned that when someone would walk into a pharmacy in the 50’s, most of the time the pharmacist would greet you by name, know what you were there for most of the time and even offer a few minutes to just “chat”. It may be very Leave It To Beaver, but isn’t that a great little way to do business?

  3. Stan Phelps says:

    Thanks Drew. You’ve been such a mentor throughout starting the blog and writing the book. My life is better for having met you.
    Warmest regards,
    PS – Anyone can download the e-Book on Amazon for free until 1/15. Here’s the link for the free copy:

    1. Stan,

      It’s been my pleasure to watch you collect the stories and then write the book — it’s good stuff.

      And thanks for the e-book reminder. I forgot that was an option too. So many free ways to get the book!


  4. Thomas says:

    Hearing about a marketing that leaves people talking about our company or business impressed me. Enjoying the process and loving what we do is definitely essential in creating a great marketing strategy. I think the book is interesting and I am looking forward to learn a lot from it.

  5. You had me at “lagniappe”. I love that word.

    1. Laura,

      It’s an awesome word but I will admit, it took me a while to be able to spell it correctly!


  6. Sharilyn says:

    I will also grab a copy and for sure, I will be amazed with it as well…Thanks!!

  7. Alex Morris says:

    Lagniappe is a pleasant notion but unfortunately a lot of business moguls are only really bothered about making money. Still, with your friend we have a good example for others to follow and I hope some businesses can take note of his message.

  8. Shellie says:

    Thanks Drew for the nice post you provide us today…I am really hoping that I can get a copy of my own…

  9. Norman F. says:

    That is so thoughtful of you Drew. How long have you been friends by the way?

    Nice review of his book. Will definitely read it because of that.


    1. Hey Norman,

      Stan and I met (online — we’ve yet to be in the same place at the same time) a few years ago just as he was beginning to launch his blog. We’ve stayed connected ever since and it was my pleasure to share his book with all of you.


  10. Sylvester says:

    It looks like an interesting read. I gotta get my hands on a copy of this. Thanks for the share!

    1. Sylvester — I think you’re going to love it. Come back and let me know what you think.


  11. Nice, I will get a closer look to this book for sure!

  12. manuel says:

    I been thinking of getting that book . i will check it out : )

  13. Gayle says:

    Very positive! Good ethical marketing will always fair better than the unethical black hat tactics in the long run.

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