What are the digital jobs of the future?

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What digital talent will be in demand down the road?

Wondering where the marketing and digital marketing jobs will be down the road?

Look no further than this chart.

As you can see, content creators/writers are in huge demand right now.  With the push to creating quality content, I don’t suspect this need will diminish any time soon.

I’m pleased and relieved to see that strategic planning/thinking is still in demand as well.  I worry that too many companies will leap without looking simply because digital/social is easy and/or cheap.  It doesn’t matter how fast you can climb a ladder if you’ve propped it against the wrong building.

Whether you’re a college student trying to decide how to direct your studies, a marketing professional thinking about course corrections or you’re responsible for hiring within your agency or corporation — this is your future.  Better introduce yourself.

Note: This chart is part of the 2012 edition of The SoDA Report, from the Society of Digital Agencies.*

*If you haven’t heard of SoDA — the Society of Digital Agencies was created five years ago to advance the industry through best practices, education and advocacy. Their membership is made up of digital agencies and production companies throughout the world, on five continents in 24 countries.
They also have a Peer Collaboration Group program with 350 members across 12 disciplines.
For the last four years, they’ve done this research and produced the SoDA report. (click here to download the entire 96 page 2012 report)
In terms of who participate in the research: 53% of the participants were marketers representing corporate brands (25%), consumer brands (30%) and other related industries (45%). The remaining 47% were creative service leaders from traditional agencies (23%), digital agencies (64%) and production companies (13%).
Over 76% of respondents were key decision makers and influencers (CMOs, senior executives, VPs and directors) with annual marketing budgets ranging from under US$1M to over US$100M and whose key markets are North America (57%), Europe (19%) and APAC (11%).


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12 comments on “What are the digital jobs of the future?

  1. Ergy R. says:

    Thanks for the infographics. I’m happy that blogging and copywriting took the 1st slot of the digital jobs of the future because I really love those. What do you recommend to improve your writing skills?

    Thanks again!


    1. Ergy,

      As cliched as this sounds — the best way to be a better writer is to write more. And read more. By surrounding yourself with good writing, you can begin to pick up patterns that you can emulate.

      Strong writers write regularly. It’s like exercising a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it will be.


  2. Yronelle says:

    Thanks for providing the chart Drew…Anyway, I have learned a lot from this post…Great job!

  3. Wade says:

    I definitely agree with the push on content creation as once a business gets their head around it, it is the most cost effective marketing there is. If done right.

    For an example: A previous client of ours (a drug and alcohol rehab) was convinced by us that doing a major content creation campaign and redirecting the bulk of their marketing dollars here was the best way forward, other then the fact that they would not see overnight results. They agreed and we had over 800 QUALITY industry articles created. putting them on the site on a weekly basis.

    The run up to get to 66 articles a month was several months as we had to find the correct writers to do the job in the manner we wanted.

    The pay off in 1 year? 10 times the website traffic and from 6 or 7 clients a month, to 30.

    1. Wade,

      Wow…that sounds like a huge undertaking. But the results speak volumes. Any business that is not creating content is going to quickly find themselves almost unfindable on Google. It’s a game changer for sure.

      How ddi you manage the process of having that many outside writers create that volume of content?


      1. Wade says:

        Hello Drew,

        Well it took a couple of months of testing and vetting writers, but once they realized we are going to read every word they write and they would not be paid for junk content it was actually pretty easy. It was only 2 or 3 articles a day and with the WordPress CMS we have on the site it was a pretty easy job to get the content online after it was approved.

        The larger problem was coming up with article idea lists. For that we pretty much used google keyword research then ordered several dozen books off of Amazon for the writers. All the writers were outsourced and only go paid for the article if it was worth publishing.

        I think at one point we had 8 writers but they were weened down to just 3 that were producing quality.

        1. Wade,

          I think that’s one of the keys — your content has to be quality or else the readers may show up but they won’t stay. Sounds like you have worked out a winning formula.


  4. Devhonn says:

    Great work Drew! I know you always do..I can’t wait to read the next post too…

  5. Anna Lopez says:

    love to see blogging on top, and thanks for the extra effort with the chart, makes it easier for me to understand how things are really going.

    LowkeyMedia Marketing Team

  6. Felix says:

    Thanks again for sharing an informative post. Climbing up the ladder fast in a wrong building doesn’t make sense. I just smiled on reading that. That shows the innocence of people who does marketing in a wrong way.

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  7. Wynona says:

    This is really interesting. and I totally agree with that graph you’ve showed because if that will surely happen if you’ll just follow the trend of digital jobs nowadays…

  8. Thanks for the information, Drew! It’s exciting to see the impact digital marketing!

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