What matters when it comes to SEO?

SEO seems like this enigma shrouded in mystery, doesn’t it?  But there is actually a science to understanding what matters in terms of success.

I found this infographic (from Search Engine Land) that does a great job of spelling out the ingredients needed to have an effective SEO strategy.

You can download a much larger (and easier to read) PDF of the SEO infographic by clicking here.

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15 comments on “What matters when it comes to SEO?

  1. This chart is amazing. Thank you, truly. This is a great visual aid with clients that may not know how to prioritize the website content vs off-site influences.

  2. DivinneGrace says:

    There are a lot of things we need to consider in terms of SEO…I am sure this post can help us realize those things…

  3. Zora says:

    This stuff is amazing! Thank you a lot.

  4. Have we reached a plateau for Periodic Table infographics yet? They seem to be everywhere!

    1. Andy,

      And infographics….and Top 5 lists….


  5. Amy says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen a Period Table infographic. Great info!

  6. Colin Smith says:

    Thank you for this amazing chart! This makes SEO strategy much clearer.

  7. Great infographic, Drew! I found this super helpful.

  8. Charmaine,

    And of course, everything could change tomorrow. I think if you grab a few key takeaways and practice those, you’re in good shape. We can only learn so much so fast.


  9. Glad you found it useful James!

  10. ThemeDutch says:

    What can I say? It is such a fantastic infographic. It’s easily understood and is a good guide to use especially for those who are starting out in SEO. I may even recommend these to our clients.

    But honestly I think the most basic rule in doing SEO is understanding your niche–what your potential customers are looking and really want. If you dig deeper and get into your customer’s mind-set, you’ll have a very solid SEO plan. You know the best keywords to use to get their attention, how to promote your webpages, and where to make them visible.

    1. No argument from me. SEO is first and foremost about content. If you nail that one, the rest comes much easier.


  11. Great infographic. I have been following Search engine land for many years now and they are always a great source of SEO tips and tutorials. This infographic is a must for anyone who wants to keep up to date of the best methods.

  12. Love the Infographic. Its creative, visually appealing, and hits all the major focus points of SEO. Very informative and easy to follow, while creating a sense of fun – while you learn. Simply an Awesome Share Drew!!

    1. Glad you liked it Crystal!


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