Are you falling behind when it comes to mobile?

I think it is fascinating in a “I don’t get it” sort of way.  We all know that mobile is where digital is headed.  We’ve all repeated the “by 2015, the #1 way we will access the internet is through our smart phones” and yet… it seems like most people are lollygagging along when it comes to getting onto the mobile train.

Is your website mobile optimized?  Are you learning more about mobile ads?  Are you thinking about how you’re going to accept mobile payments?

Or do you look like this infographic?

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12 comments on “Are you falling behind when it comes to mobile?

  1. Steven Potter says:

    I haven’t really used mobile marketing just yet for security reasons especially if you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi connection.

    1. Steven,

      Tell me what security issues you’re concerned with.


  2. Wow, very convincing article. It seems mobile marketing is very important when it comes to driving new business and increasing customer satisfaction. It’s easy to overlook when there is so much going on, but perhaps it’s time to take it into a more serious account. Thanks for the stats and motivation, Drew. Much appreciated 🙂

    1. Anders,

      Think of how your own information consumption has changed in terms of how, where and when you used to get information. How much of that change is directly related to your phone? We’re all living proof that this trend is coming at us like a freight train!


  3. AJ Perisho says:

    Great post Drew!

    I want to throw out an opposing view :0)

    I think mobile is a thinly veiled scam.

    What I mean is that the majority of people I know, hate using their mobile browser.

    It’s small, sometimes very slow, not enough people have adapted to mobile sites, etc.

    I think the people making money with mobile are the ones selling the platforms for it, not the business owners.

    Like text programs, I think mobile is right for a small segment of the business population, mainly bars and restaurants.

    Strictly my opinion based on what I’m seeing on a daily basis.

    Thanks for sharing a great post brother!

    1. AJ,

      An interesting point of view. I won’t argue that today, mobile browsing is often a frustrating experience. But that’s not because I don’t want to access the data via my phone but because most businesses have not optimized their website for mobile yet. But I don’t think that means people will stop using their mobile to access data. I think it just means they’re going to be more selective. Let me give you a concrete example.

      The Federal Reserve just came out with a study on mobile banking. One of the most startling facts that came from that research was 60% of people who had recently changed banks listed the availability of a mobile app/mobile website as one of their core reasons. They didn’t lose their desire to access their banking data from their phones — they simply changed banks when their current bank didn’t offer mobile banking as an option.

      You and I both know what a pain it is to change banks. If people are willing to go to that sort of trouble to have access how/when/where they want it — I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the demand for mobile access is going to continue to increase.

      You’re right– today we are in that painful place of business owners lagging behind their consumers’ demands. But as banks are discovering — that’s a costly mistake to make.


  4. Robert says:

    Thanks for sharing this update! Honestly, I have been falling behind when it came to mobile. I have better understood it here. So what are you doing next to this?

    1. Robert,

      Per my comment to AJ — we’re in the process of helping clients analyze their site to see if a mobile optimized site makes sense and if it does…building them one that meets all of the best practices of mobile sites.

      How about you? What will you be doing next?


  5. Conner Isaias says:

    Now a days mobile has become an essential thing for everybody. I think that after some years internet will be more active on mobiles and then people will use smart phone instead of computer. Also then the mobile marketing will be a successful way of marking.

  6. Christian says:

    AJ, interesting thought. My gut reaction was that your response was a very “flat earth” approach to mobile. It’s hard to deny the skyrocketing adoption of mobile devices across the globe. For an increasingly mobile society, to ignore mobile and perceive it as a “scam” would be to your (or your customer’s) peril. You made a solid observation as to why people hate mobile browsers and your point regarding sites not being optimized for mobile was spot on. Businesses need to consider how they will address this ever increasing mobile audience. Is it a native app? Mobile specific templates? Responsive Design? I think a case can be made for each of these options depending on the business’ needs and goals. That said, to do NOTHING to support mobile is no longer an option.

  7. Nancy says:

    Seeing the statistics I am just too excited knowing that we are about to witness something special..

  8. I use both my phone and laptop to access the internet. Well, for my smartphone, I use Wi-Fi to download apps and blog on the go.

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