The worst sales email ever

Maybe I’m wrong and you can top this…but check this out:

Hi folks,

Name Name here from Our network of sites reaches a business savvy audience of over 5 million people every month. We also have a million opt-in subscribers and 125,000 financial advisors ready to receive dedicated email blasts.

We’ve been in this business for over 10 years so we know what works. I’m trying to find out who handles media buys for your clients, and I’d really appreciate it if we could get an updated copy of your client roster. I think we can really make something work here.


Ms. Name Name
e-mail address

Hi Folks?  So who all got this and how did I get lumped in with them?  Send you an updated list of our client roster?  Are you kidding me?  Who writes these things and worse yet…who approves them to actually be sent to prospects?

This is why we have all the SPAM laws and why our email inboxes are so cluttered with junk that we can’t find the emails we want to receive/read.

If you are sending out emails like this — stop it.  Now.


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8 comments on “The worst sales email ever

  1. You’re right, Drew! That’s a pretty bad email. But seriously, if I could get an updated copy of your client roster, that would be terrific. Thanks folks.

    1. Scott,

      I’ve not only emailed you my client list, but their cell phones numbers as well. Tell them I gave it to you!


  2. Here, here Drew. With the laws that are in place, it shocks me what lands in my inbox. This takes the cake…CLIENT LIST? Those two little words have me shaking my head because their lack of awareness around the magnitude of that request is shocking.

    1. Dawn,

      That was really the kicker for me too! Who in their right mind would share their client list like that?


  3. Matthew says:

    Love the post but you know the scary thing is that we may laugh, but how many would bet on out of the gazzillions of emails that went out, they got a couple of client lists? Its a numbers game.


    1. Matthew,

      I agree — it’s the same mentality the Nigerian princes and paypal scam artists employ. 99% may see through it, but the 1% that falls for it yields results. I do take heart in the fact that anyone who responds to an email like this and anyone who sends an email like this — probably deserves each other!


  4. Jane Jeanor says:

    How should one write then? Please advise..

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