Any brand can become talkable

Are you talkable?

On this blog, we often explore the importance of brand and the power of word of mouth. It seems that many business owners/leaders believe that you can just plan on something being spread by word of mouth and voila, it happens. (Sort of like planning for a video to go viral).

The reality is — to become a brand that is worthy of being talked about is hard work.

It’s about being very purposeful in every little detail of your business.

That’s why I love this video series by John Moore from Brand Autopsy.  John’s listed a bunch of attributes (29 to date) of a talkable brand — like believable, measurable, and emotional to mention a few.  And he’s done a video for each “able” that makes your brand talkable.

The videos are part education, part entertainment and part inspiration.  I think you’ll enjoy the short (less than 4 minutes each) offerings.

Check out the series (click here) and then come back and tell me which of the “ables” you think your business has already mastered.

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7 comments on “Any brand can become talkable

  1. Drew… thanks for finding these video ditties “shareable” and “blogable.” My favorite ones so far are #6 Paradoxical and #29 Operational.

    1. John,

      They’re awesome and memorable. As usual — you do good work! Thanks for sharing them with everyone.


  2. Elaine Fogel says:

    The Starbucks example is such a good one, Drew. Similar to Zappos. It’s all about living the brand.

    1. Elaine,

      It’s about living the brand from the bottom up. That’s the part that so many companies don’t get. It’s not something you decide at a board retreat and put on a wall. It has to be woven into the DNA of the company — from the janitor to the CEO and everyone in between!

      Some of Disney’s best brand ambassadors are the part-time employees who sweep the public areas. They stop, talk to guests, offer stickers to kids and are always ready to answer inane questions like “what time is the 3’o clock parade.”


      1. Elaine Fogel says:

        Drew, why is that this has been such a difficult thing to catch on? And, why is it that organizations aren’t begging consultants like us to help them “get there?” Frustrating, isn’t it?

  3. Hi Drew,
    I wonder if John will include ‘Talkable is not conditional’ or maybe it should be ‘Talkable is unconditional’?


  4. Adrian… watch episode #20 — Talkable is Conditional (

    In the video ditty, I explain a Causality Relationship exists with word of mouth marketing.

    “Causality Relationship” is fancy talk to describe the common IF THEN relationship. As in… IF marketers give consumers reasons to talk about a brand, THEN consumers may talk about that brand.

    Making word of mouth marketing happen is conditional. It’s conditional upon giving people a reason or reasons to talk. The video shares more.

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