How does your paper resume stack up to this?

The world has changed.  Things are different.  This is the new normal.  This ain’t your grandaddy’s marketing.

We can say it a million ways but some folks just aren’t going to get it.  Or at least not yet.

With the tools out there, the connections that can be made and the audience’s diminishing tolerance for being shouted at — there are many things we need to do differently.  Including finding a job.

Check out this slideshare (PPT) presentation that Lorenzo Galbiati sent me as he embarks on a job hunt.  (Email him here if you want to chat about career possibilities)

Imagine you need to hire someone.  You get a standard paper resume and this PPT.  You can only interview one candidate — who would you choose?

We need to re-think everything and there are plenty of sacred cows that need to be done away with.  If someone ever says to you — this is how it has to be done or this is the standard — ask more questions, think beyond the “usual” and remember that the world has changed.

The last thing you want to demonstrate is that you haven’t been keeping up.


Can’t see the PPT?  Click here to view over at

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6 comments on “How does your paper resume stack up to this?

  1. It’s a no-brainer Drew. The paper resume has got to go, go, go far away. Tom Peters seemed to have personal branding going in the right direction in the late 90’s. Then in the 2000’s it “suddenly” got hot. I think a few individuals who lacked sincerity had enough influence to induce a slime factor to PB. Nothing slimey about what Lorenzo is doing here. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Daryl says:

    The world has changed. You either change with it or die.

    You’re right, there are simple some people who haven’t got it yet. It’s sad, really, when things continue for a certain way for so long and then everything is just upended within a matter of a few years.

    However, we now have the tools and technology to change with it – which is the great thing!

    I love Lorenzo’s slideshow btw. It really encapsulates a lot of the core concepts with regards to consumer psychology, and ties everything neatly in a way that’s both easy to understand and visually stunning.

  3. Bruce says:

    For creatives, doing your own branding, design, writing and promotions is a big challenge. Lorenzo’s presentation breaks it down and makes the process much easier. Taking an objective look at yourself removes the emotion and bolsters confidence.

  4. Vern says:

    Your presentation is exceedingly informative
    Being a self-employed individual, one encounters further challenges
    I trust your information will assist in the development of my Branding
    As a sixty-two year old gentleman, I am posed with additional challenges Vs a person under 50 years of age

  5. Mary Therese Hamilton says:

    Presentation well organized and informative.

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