Is your marketing making you a rock star?

rockstarMack Collier has hit a home run with his book Think Like A Rock Star* and I really want all of you to get his message.

As consumers get more jaded by traditional advertising and marketing that interrupts rather than connects — this book serves up the answer.

Why not be so good, create so much goodwill and treat your best customers like the super stars they are — all so you can unleash the word of mouth power of those best customers? We know that there’s nothing more influential than word of mouth and that an endorsement from a trusted friend/source absolutely influences buying decisions. So who wouldn’t want more of that for their business?

Author Mack Collier has studied how some of the world’s best entertainers have inspired their fans to help grow their fan base, sell concert tickets and CDs/downloads and in general — create buzz that elevates the star’s status and earning potential.

One of the reasons this is such a smart read is because it puts the marketing emphasis where it belongs — on existing customers (and even more so…. super engaged existing customers) rather than chasing prospects. Mack outlines many ways that rock stars connect with their fans, show their genuine gratitude and appreciation to their fans and inviting those fans to be their biggest advocates and evangelists.

You’ll get all kinds of ideas of how you can make your business a rock star too. Your best customers will be as ready to give you a standing ovation as the examples in the book. One of the features of the book you’ll find incredibly valuable is the Backstage Passes. These informational call out boxes give you very specific ways you can apply the examples to your own business. Like a little recipe card — they’ll guide you step by step.

I highly recommend this book (click to buy on Amazon*)and the concepts in it. Mack models his theories well — read the book and become one of his fans!

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9 comments on “Is your marketing making you a rock star?

  1. Will definitely give this a read. Could be good info for our symphony.

    1. Scott,

      You’ll love it — it’s so practical and so easy to follow. Mack uses something we’re all familiar with to help us gain insight into our own world/work, which we have a harder time seeing objectively.

      The symphony folks will be all over the message too, I think! Might be good to read before putting together the marketing plan for the year.


    2. Mack Collier says:

      Hey Scott! Please give TLARS a shot, if anything else I think you’ll love the stories, but I think it’s chock full of how-tos that you can start using immediately as well!

  2. Mack Collier says:

    Thank you Drew! So happy when a seasoned marketer such as yourself sees the value of TLARS, that means a lot!

    One of the key points that I wanted to make in the book was the real business value of connecting with fans versus trying to ‘acquire’ new customers. Rock stars figured out a long time ago that they can do a much better (and cheaper!) job of acquiring new customers by embracing their existing fans and let those fans then acquire new customers for them! And since the rock stars connect directly with their biggest fans, it helps validate their love of the rock star and gives them even more incentive to tell others about the rock star!

    Thank you SO much for the kind review!

    1. Mack,

      As I was saying to Scott above — what I love about your book is that you take examples we can all relate to and understand — to help us understand our own world, which we can never see objectively. Plus who doesn’t want to be a rock star in their field?

      At MMG we’ve been preaching the “existing customer” message for a long time so your book aligns perfectly with that teaching.

      Bravo on putting together such a practical, actionable book. People will be able to read it and immediately change how they are marketing to get better, longer lasting results. This is an awesome read!


  3. Susan says:

    Thanks for the recommendation! I’m always looking for new ways to up the ante when it comes to social marketing. I’m watching my girls follow the boy band One Direction and they make fabulous use of social media.

  4. Jamey Elliott says:

    I bought this book for my Kindle last Fall, got busy with life, and didn’t make it all the way through yet. What I’ve read so far gave some great practical examples and was an easy read. Thanks for the reminder to go back and finish!

    1. Mack Collier says:

      Jamey thanks for buying the book, hope you continue to enjoy it!

  5. Anisha says:

    i always keep on searchinjg for new ideas of marketing, and thanks this is very helpful.

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