Win a copy of Peter Shankman’s book – Zombie Loyalists

zombieMarketing and PR guy Peter Shankman just releases a new book (Zombie Loyalists) that is on a topic that is near and dear to all of us at McLellan Marketing Group.  Given that our tagline is “create a love affair with your customer” the idea of having rabid fans who are a marketing tsunami is clearly one we endorse.

Peter’s book drives home the point with this alarming statistic combination: 80% of companies think they provide superior customer service, and 8% of customers agree.

What that should mean to you is — you can crush your competition if you get this right. (Learn how you can win a copy at the end of this post)

As I’ve said before — I only recommend books that are short on philosophy and high on practical, actionable information.  Peter’s book will show you what’s possible AND show you how he recommends you make it happen.

It’s an easy, entertaining read that will have you jotting down ideas and notes as you read it.  I definitely recommend you pick it up.

Here’s what some others had to say about the book:

“Marketing and PR expert Shankman offers a hilarious, astute, and ultimately practical guide to creating customers so satisfied they’ll promote your company with zombie-like fervor…this entertaining yet valuable work is a must-read for any business owner or executive interested in turning satisfied customers into avid brand ambassadors.”

—Publishers Weekly

“At the end of the day, all business comes down to customer service. If you want to win in the new customer-centric economy, check this book out.”

—Gary Vaynerchuk, best-selling author, The Thank You Economy

“If anyone in any organization can’t figure out how to create loyal customers after reading this book, then their brains have obviously already been eaten by meat-eating zombies.” 

—Debbie Moren, CEO, Moren Enterprises and Former Disney Customer Service Leader

“Over the years, Peter has created his own Zombie Loyalists, and I count myself as one! Now he is taking you and your business to new levels with his surefire strategies. The world around us has changed, and business must change with it. Your customers are key!”

—Frank Eliason, Author of @YourService

How you can win a copy of the book: Peter generously sent me three extra copies of the book to give away.  To be eligible — simply leave a comment, telling me about a company that has turned you into a Zombie Loyalist and how they did that.

I’ll use to select the winners and announce them here.

15 comments on “Win a copy of Peter Shankman’s book – Zombie Loyalists

  1. Rick Miller says:

    Panera wins me over time and time again with their customer service. Friendly, knowledgeable and always asking what else they can do to make my experience as a customer better. No place better to spend a cold Midwest afternoon.

  2. Jessica Van Nostran says:

    The company that first comes to mind when it comes to loyalty is Coke. It may have not been their intention, but the world is divided into Coke people and Pepsi people. I personally can NOT enjoy a Pepsi, the way I enjoy a Coke. Their campaigns hit the spot, knowing that drinking Coke is more of an experience/emotion than an action. We don’t drink Coke because we have to, we drink it because we have become conditioned to want to.

    1. Tyneisha says:

      For better or for worse, I have to say Walmart. In an economy where every cent counts it can be tough to look past the convenience and low prices. I have THREE Walmarts within 20 miles of each other and we shop there literally every weekend.

  3. Sara Nelson says:

    OK, this may seem a bit biased, but my husband’s business, Atlantic Dental Center, has made me and a lot of my friends Zombie Loyalists (and I would be even if I wasn’t married to the owner!). Their personal attention to each and every patient combined with expertise in their field and an amazing ability to put patients at ease have earned so many “wouldn’t go anywhere else” patients. They take the time to explain and answer questions, in an easy to understand way. The clinic is kept up to date in decor as well as technology. They really know their patients. There are not many events I go to that someone doesn’t bring up the great care they received there with a gentle, caring touch. If someone is talking about dental care, I don’t have to refer people to Atlantic Dental Center — there’s always someone else in the room that says “I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

  4. The company is Costco. The staff rocks and I have never bought a single product that was not excellent.

  5. Scott Howard says:

    Let me tell you about my plumber. Mr. Rooter of Fort Wayne is the local franchise. I have read reviews of Mr. Rooter franchises across the country and they were about 75% positive meaning there are a few bad apples out there. However, mine is top notch. We lived in a 50 year old house with lot’s of trees and the roots would disturb the drainage pipes resulting in backed up plumbing every few months. We used another company a few times and then discovered Mr. Rooter of Fort Wayne. They were prompt, clean (even when dealing with the worst of the worst!), and their policy of never charging extra for nights, weekends, or holidays won us over initially. Then they discovered the problem, proposed a couple of affordable solutions and showed us ways to save even more. Two other times we had unrelated plumbing issues with our old house and they were the first and only ones we called. Over the past couple of years, I have recommended them several times to friends and neighbors.

  6. Jean Whiddon says:

    I’m a zombie loyalist to North Face and here’s why: I bought a NF coat a couple of years ago from Sports Authority in, let’s say, Nov. In Jan-Feb I noticed that the color of the new coat was fading, not sure why. Called Sports Authority; they were not interested in backing up the product they sold in any way. “The coats are sold out; and we can’t give you a refund.” So I called NF customer service and explained my situation. She got on her computer, checked national inventory, found a coat in the same size, fed ex’d it to me with a return box to send the original coat back to them. When I offered to return my coat first to the local NF store, she said, “Oh no. It’s winter; we can’t leave you without a coat. Just send it back to us when you get the new one.” I tell that story to whomever will listen. I <3 that company. Zombie Loyalist.

  7. Brooke Prouty says:

    El Bait Shop: They offer a top notch selection of beers unseen in the Midwestern area and their service in helping you select the right beer for you (which can be daunting) is phenomenal.

  8. Sarah says:

    Shutterfly is my online photo service of choice again. . . and again. . .and again. And this is not because they are perfect. It is because of their outstanding customer service! Recently, I received photos that were an odd color. They replaced ALL of them – not just the those that were discolored. Their prompt shipping norm, innovative designs, and sales promotions contribute to my desire to repeat business. However, it is their strong customer service that makes me want to choose their business – with or without a coupon. Every time, I am excited to receive my orange package in the mail.

  9. Angie says:

    I absolutely love SEE eyewear. I’ve had two amazing experiences working with them to buy eyeglasses. They genuinely help you find glasses that look great on your face and the glasses themselves are unique and amazing quality. I usually hate looking through frames, but they made it an enjoyable experience with their personable staff. I recommend them to everyone and they are now the only place I will go for frames.

  10. April says:

    I discovered Bayern Brewing of Missoula, MT, thanks to my dad, who loves German-style beer. They have a huge variety of seasonal brews and I love every one of them. They make a lot of efforts for sustainability, recycle their bottles and donate some of their proceeds to Montana Trout Unlimited. And did I say the beer is delicious?

  11. Scott Townsend says:

    I want a Shankman book!

  12. Dario Orta says:

    I would have to say i have been loyal to Oreos for at least 10 years. They hit it spot on with family fun and memories eating Oreos when you were a kid then they had a competition for who can Twist, Lick, Dunk the fastest and that was by itself an awesome idea whether or not i actually participated in it. At the moment their current campiagn is about the creativity and everything you can do with the cookie. Aside from the taste i just believe that altogether that it is an amazing brand.

  13. Holly Fetting says:

    A local company that has made me a Zombie Loyalist is Rafael’s (of Westminster, MD). It’s our local bar where everybody knows your name. More than that, they’ll ordered our new favorite bourbon when they didn’t already carry it and they kept stocking it without reminding. They’ll post their specials on MY facebook page – yes, helpful for us both. We went there in November to start our post-wedding pub crawl and the owner bought us drinks, without hesitation. So, they listen to suggestions and requests and go out of their way to make us feel welcome. Not just the owners but all of the amazing staff. And when things go wrong – because, of course, they do sometimes – they’ll just do whatever needs to be done to make it right.

    Speaking of books – thanks to you and Peter both for the drawing! Fingers crossed!!

  14. Drew,

    Thank you for the article on Peter Shankman’s book Zombie Loyalist. I work within an industry where it is imperative that we deliver a brand promise that inspires a sense of freedom of thought, expression and experience to discover our destination and oneself. I look forward to seeing what other service providers are mentioned and highlight in the book and comments to this post.

    If I had to select one, I would not be able to. There would be a tie between Coke and Marriott. Both organizations deliver a clear brand promise and experience. Their customer service is excellent. The product is solid and historically competitively priced based on current economic conditions. Both companies have changed with the times as needed by their clients. They exemplify the best in generating Zombie Loyalist.

    Kind regards ~

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