With all due respect, what are you waiting for?

September 4, 2011

…what are you waiting for?

I’m all for having a plan when it comes to marketing.  To just start flailing around is usually a waste of money and opportunity.  But for many businesses, the need for a plan and the “right” time is just an excuse to do absolutely nothing.

I’m also absolutely positive that there is one marketing tactic that you KNOW you should be doing but for some reason you haven’t started it yet.

Maybe you don’t have the perfect name for your newsletter.  Perhaps you aren’t sure if you have the stamina to blog.  Or something might happen in the 4th quarter that would negate the momentum of the initiative (translation = you’re scared).

Just start.  Don’t put it off for another minute.

You are letting your head get in the way of your marketing gut.  Maybe you can’t explain why you know it’s the right choice or you have never done it before so you’re worried you’ll do it wrong — whatever is stopping you —  get out of your own way.

Call it a pilot program or a test run.  In your own head, make it sound like it’s no big deal.  However you have to psych yourself out/up — do it.

Marketing is an every day thing.  Not a special day thing.  It’s not the Thanksgiving china — it’s the Corelle dishes you use on Mondays (and Tuesdays…).  So get over yourself and just make this happen.

How can you actually get this done?

  1. Starting right now — create a list of what you need to have/do to launch.
  2. Set a date.  A firm date that you’re not going to miss.
  3. Tell someone (your team, your boss, your customers) that you’re going to do it and when (i.e. We’re launching our company Facebook fan page on Oct 1!)
  4. Create a reward for yourself/team to celebrate the launch (it can be as simple as ice cream cones to as big as a day off)
  5. Start chipping away at the list.  Now.  Today.

You have 4 months left in 2011.  There’s always going to be a reason not to start.  Isn’t it time that you just did it anyway?

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