Clever or cut to the chase? I need your input!

Headline This has been rattling around in my brain for quite a bit and I’d like your take on it.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time — you’re used to my "quirky" post headlines. 

Could you be a super hero? (about inspiring your employees to live your brand)

Baby, it’s cold outside (about up-selling by asking good questions)

Shhh, you’re being too quiet!  (about inadvertently drawing attention where you do not want your consumers to look)

There are two very distinct camps on the headline issue. 

One camp, as illustrated by Mack Collier’s recent post Hey look kids!  Free buried treasure! leans towards creative posts piquing the interest of the reader.

The other camp illustrated  by Brian Clark aka Copyblogger in posts like 7 Reasons Why List Posts Will Always Work believes that the more straightforward your headline is, the more likely it will get read. 

I have to admit, I write my headlines the way I do because I like them better.  (Perhaps not the best marketing message, but the truth) I assume my subscribers/readers are pretty clever so I am hoping to tickle their clever bone as well.  But does it cost me readers and exposure?

What’s your headline philosophy?  Which camp do you fall into?   Would you prefer a more cut to the chase Drew or are you getting used to my odd sense of enticement?

Do you think your philosophy applies only to blog posts or is it true for all headlines, regardless of the medium?

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