Hey there…it’s a Marketeer!

Ckmarketeer A couple days ago, I unveiled the coveted Marketeer ears and described what it takes to belong to this club.

I’d like to introduce you to the first Marketeer and let her work illustrate the traits that elevate someone to this status.

Here are some of the Marketeers themes and how our first Marketeer, CK, fills the bill.

Fun with Senses.  CK asked a smart question “why do you blog” but then took the answers and created a visual that said as much as the words it contained.

Guest Star. Wise enough to understand that the audience is the star, CK talks straight about blog rankings, numbers and what really matters to the audience.

Anything Can Happen.
  Over at her Marketing Prof’s Daily Fix gig, CK posts about the concepts of beauty, social responsibility, and the frailty of some human truths.  Another example of CK’s Anything Can Happen attitude is her creation of the Marketing Profs Book Club.  Within days of her announcing the club and its first book, over 500 people had opted in. 

Surprise!  In a culture that turns celebrities into icons, CK takes a surprising and interesting take.

Talent Round Up.  CK is all about celebrating others’ talents and smarts.  I got the benefit of her spotlight yesterday but so have many others — she has a whole category on her blog about other bloggers.

Without a doubt…ears on or off – CK is one worthy Marketeer!  Hey there, hi there, ho there CK!  Why?  Because we love you!

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