Marketing Lessons from Walt…the PDF

Marketinglessonsjpg It started innocently enough. 

  • I write a marketing blog. 

Add those factors together and voila — blog posts about the marketing wisdom of Walt.  It evolved into an 8-part series that was a blast to think about and write.

Then the marketing whirlwind that is CK posted a very kind review of the series and said "Drew, here’s an epiphany if you’ve not yet thought of it: repackage this content into a PDF for your clients and prospects (and we bloggers) and send them a special-delivery holiday package from Mickey!"

She then went on to suggest a slight variation to the infamous ears to better reflect the content.

Who could resist?  So slightly after the holidays, here’s the Marketing Lessons from Walt PDF.   I hope you will not only enjoy it, but nod your head once or twice and maybe even make an inspired shift in how you’re  marketing.

Download marketingwalt.pdf

Update:  CK honors her promise and dons a snappy set of ears and pig tails to promote the PDF.

And Gavin Heaton adds his take on opening your ears and really listening at Marketing Profs Daily Fix.

Thanks to you both for using your voice to share the PDF!

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27 comments on “Marketing Lessons from Walt…the PDF

  1. Bob LeDrew says:

    I haven’t read your document yet, although I plan on doing so.

    But I’m wondering if you’re at all worried about Disney coming down on you like a ton of lawyers for using imagery from their park.

  2. Awesome, Drew. I loved this series. Thanks for putting it together and thanks to CK for the suggestion.

  3. Bob,

    Interesting question. Considering they are all family vacation photos and I am not selling a thing, I can’t imagine their lawyers would waste the time. Especially since I am basically saying nice things throughout the document.

    But if they do…we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

    I hope you enjoy the series.


  4. Tony,

    Glad you are enjoying it. Please feel free to pass it along or share the link with others you think would find value in it.


  5. CK says:

    Bob asks a fair and good legal question. And a rule we’ll need to figure out as everything becomes shared and the need for rights/accredidation increases.

    However, if you should have any legal issues please do forward the call to me. I’m very convincing…and no one messes with this beautiful series…for which I donned “marketeer” ears!

  6. Mark True says:

    Awesome, Drew. Nice extension of your brand.

    I’ve thought of this idea since I first learned about blogs, and asked other bloggers why they don’t do the same. You’re the first person to actually do it. I shouldn’t be surprise that you get it done because you’re good at getting it done!

    Congrats. Someday, I hope to have enought meaningful and related posts to do the same.


  7. Drew, you continue to set the example. What a cool book! Mark’s right…you get er done!!


  8. Ann Handley says:

    Drew — This is great! Brings me back to an article I wrote ages ago (2000! OMG!), “What Site Publishers Can Learn from Disney”

    I’m sure your insights are far keener. Looking forward to reading them.

  9. CK,

    I agree — I think it is an incredibly valid question. Think of all the posts we have that include both visual images and using trademarked names of products to make our points.

    I think the fine line is, are we trying to sell something that contains those images.

    We’ve got some good IP lawyers in Iowa who are blogging, I will have to point them to this discussion and let them weigh in!


  10. Mark,

    I suspect we are 6 months away from seeing a raft of books that evolved from blog posts.

    It’s like writing a chapter a day!

    I’m glad you like the series — as you know, your opinion is one I hold in high regard.


  11. Cory —

    Thanks for the kudos. Pretty soon your little one will be dragging you down to WDW too!

    You can write the sequel!


  12. Ann,

    Your take on the Disney cruise was right on the money. Like them or hate them — few organizations are better and more consistent marketers.

    As you pointed out, sometimes they cross the line. But usually they tiptoe right along it brilliantly.

    I hope you enjoy my rendition.


  13. Drew – I’m in Orlando today on business and wish I was here for a family vacation. I’m truly amazed at how Disney has created such an aura here. Everything in this city leads you to Disney. Pure genius! I’m looking forward to reading your PDF. Thanks for putting it together.

  14. Patrick,

    If you have time, go get at least a little taste of Disney before you head home. The pixie dust has a shelf life of several days!

    I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts on the series.


  15. Steve Harper says:


    I just finished your Marketing Lessons from Walt. Excellent, excellent job my friend! It is funny but we took my boys there this past May and I made a number of those observations about the experience to my wife (who clearly got annoyed and quit listening to me – happens often!). But rest assured I am going to forward this on because you captured it so perfectly and challenge the reader to evaluate their business on the scale of the magic and wonder of Disney. Excellent points to ponder.

    As for my experience at Disney we were fortunately allowed back on Disney property despite an earlier assault by my son on poor Pluto. You might get a kick out of the post I made about “Punching Pluto” on my BLOG and then my follow up post called “Captivated Audience” about our Disney ventures. I think you can just search for those but if you can’t find them let me know and I will send you the links.

    Thanks again for such a great read Drew. Very inspiring and it has me reexamining what I observed and learned from Walt the Magic Maker!

    Ripple On!


  16. Steve,

    Okay, I have to go find the punching Pluto post!

    I’m elated that you like the series and that it has you recalling your own observations as well. I think, as marketers, we see the world a little differently. It’s like going to a restaurant with a chef.

    But because marketing is everywhere and all around us — it’s no wonder we all behave like we have ADD! We’re like kids in candy stores. So often, the marketing we observe and comment on is the bad stuff. It’s rewarding to be able to share observations of an organization that does it right.

    Are they perfect? Of course not. But we should all strive to their level of imperfection!


  17. Drew, I’m really enjoying the Marketing Lessons from Walt. What a great way to make marketing come alive! Thanks for taking CK up on her challenge, and getting her MM ears. Most fetching!

  18. C.B.

    Thanks. Considering your focus on customer care/service, it would make sense that you’re drawn to the Disney model. They are all about making their guests feel welcome and special.

    I agree, CK makes one fetching Marketeer!


  19. CK says:

    And if anyone is wondering…I’m still wearing the ears (it wasn’t just for the photo).

    Drew you rocked on this. A piece you will forever delight friends, peers, clients and prospects with.

  20. CK,

    And you look marvelous! Thanks so much for the playful nudge and the help all along the way.

    You epitomize what community is all about.


  21. Ed Roach says:

    Nice eBook Drew. The entire effort can be summed up in 3 little words that Walt Disney used to say – “Up the show!” It speaks to giving more than expected.

    But in all fairness, Walt Disney has been dead since ’66. His brother Roy died in ’71, so much of what has been developed in the way of the brand should be credited to modern generations of leading cast members and directors. I too just returned from Disney World and I too had a magical time.

    There is one major difference in philosophy between Walt and modern managements. Walt Disney believed in making it possible for families to still go home with a few dollars in their pockets, where succeeding managements find ways to get every last cent.

    But all in all, “up the show” are words to do business by. Thanks Walt.

    Nobody can argue with the Disney brand. It is brilliant, and that 6 foot mouse had my attention every time he happened by.

  22. Thanks Ed!

    I read your post about Disney. They really have the brand thing down pat, don’t they?

    Agreed, it is more expensive than it used to be. But when you think about all you get for your $55 entrance fee, I still argue that it’s a bargain.

    Up the show indeed!


  23. This was a really terrific read with lots and lots of very good insight.

    Thank you!

  24. I find the marketing tactics used by Walt Disney were very innovative, still for today’s standards. A great thing I like about their tactics is that they are all very ethical.

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  26. I’m in Orlando today on business and wish I was here for a family vacation. I’m truly amazed at how Disney has created such an aura here. Everything in this city leads you to Disney. Pure genius! I’m looking forward to reading your PDF. Thanks for putting it together.

  27. You’re the first person to actually do it. I shouldn’t be surprise that you get it done because you’re good at getting it done!

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