Psst, here’s how to amplify your message!

Bullhorn First, you start with a compelling message.  I did my best when I created the PDF spotlighting my series "Marketing Lessons from Walt Disney."

Then, you share it with an  early adopter, who will hopefully take to your message with passion.  Hard to top a woman wearing mouse ears to demonstrate passion!  (thanks CK!)

Then, a few other innovators not only turn up the volume, they add new ideas to the conversation and bring the ideas to new sets of ears.  (thanks Gavin!)

From there, new voices emerge…adding their own personal elements to the message.  (thanks Cam!)

Pretty soon, you have created a conversation and attracted smart, generous and enthusiastic participants who want to invite others in.  (Thanks Pat, Tony and Toby!)

And before you know it — there’s a commotion and genuine sharing going on.  I can’t think of a better way to amplify your message.

Thanks to everyone who has helped introduce Marketing Lessons from Walt to new eyes and ears!

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