Learn about one of the most powerful marketing tactics known to man!

Picture_11 When was the last time you sat down and wrote a thank you note?  To a customer?  An employee?  A vendor? (Thank you note…in the mail.  The old-fashioned kind.)

It’s time to get to it. You will be stunned at the impact.

Gratitude is one the most powerful marketing tactics known to man.  You get more business when you demonstrate that you have the grace to appreciate what you’ve been given.

Now you know the secret.  Use it wisely!

P.S.  I will never hire someone who doesn’t take the time and have the manners to send me a thank you note after the interview.   If they don’t send one when they’re trying to get a job, they’ll never send one to a client.

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8 comments on “Learn about one of the most powerful marketing tactics known to man!

  1. Drew…great post and so simple. Grace is sometimes lost among the young. Yesterday a friend sent me an e-mail telling me his Mother suggested he send a “thank you note” to the two companies he interviewed with. He asked, “I’ve never heard of such a thing. Have you?” I answered with a sample. Hope he learned. MPL

  2. David Reich says:

    Drew, you are SO right on this. A simple thank-you note, especially a hand-written one, means a lot and makes a great impression on most people.

    Plus, as you say, it’s just good manners.

  3. Drew, you’re writing up a storm!
    Since finally beginning the ‘Win friends, influence people’ book last night, this principle of appreciation is the cornerstone of chapter 2.
    something I should go out of my way to do more.

  4. Mike says:

    I don’t disagree Drew, but I’m in the construction supplies industry.

    Will they think I’m less than manly if I send a Thank You for Being My Friend Card ?

    Is this one of those universal laws that work only when they work…like The Secret ?

  5. Micheal,

    Grace is lost to the young and the over busy. This post was inspired by my recognizing that I had let this important habit slip a little.

    It’s amazing to me how many people didn’t learn this basic skill/good manners.

    Boy, the day after Christmas my mom sat me down with a pen, some notecards and a list of who had sent me gifts. I didn’t budge until those thank you notes were done.

    Today, my daughter endures the same thing.


  6. David,

    I don’t think an e-mail thank you has the same impact, do you?


  7. Mario —

    Truth be told, I meant to save this to post the next day, but hit the wrong button. So a flurry of posts all at once!

    Ah well!

    If you really start using this simple tool, you’ll be amazed at the reactions you get.


  8. Mike,

    I don’t think you should send cards with little yellow flowers on it!

    But a notecard (rather than a greeting card) that says “thanks for your business” is still manly. If you want, toss in a gift card for a convenience store so they can have a cup of non-frilly coffee on you!


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