A legacy


Any parent will tell you that their child/children are their greatest legacy. 

I talked about this in my belief statement a few months back.  My daughter is my gift to this world and even at 13, I could not be prouder of person she is and is becoming.

So when I heard that my friend CK has lost her mom suddenly, my heart broke a little not only for CK and her loss, but also for her mom. 

I can only imagine how proud Sandra Kerley was of her daughter’s accomplishments, talents and most of all, her heart.  And I can only imagine how much she wanted to stick around and keep watching from an earthly vantage point.

They say that the acorn rarely falls far from the tree, so it came as no surprise to me that CK’s mom was a giver as well.  One of the charities that touched her heart was Habitat for Humanity.  Home is something most of us take for granted.  Through this organization, families that couldn’t even conceive of home ownership now can.

The child.  The parent.  The community.  It’s time for us to add our voice to this story by coming together and creating a memorial that captures what words cannot.  Our friendship, our love, our respect and our admiration.

For a spirited, wise woman and her daughter…her legacy.

By clicking on the badge, you’ll be taken to a PayPal site where you can make a donation to Habitat.  We’ve also created (thanks Cam for the site and David for the badge) a memorial site.

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