Seeing the other side

Think about it for a minute. There’s the work you.  The family you.  The buddies at the pub you.  The girls at poker night you.  The I’m so tired I could cry you.  The blogger you.  The marketer you.  The consumer you.  The son you.  The trying not to laugh during church you. 

So many faces.  All of them you.  Each honest, real and unique.  But each one slightly different because of the circumstances, surroundings, or people involved.

That’s a very important thing to remember as marketing professionals.  No one is just a 35 year old Caucasian man, with a wife and 2.3 children.  Many faces.  Many passions.  Your marketing needs to push beyond assuming you know what the aggregate whole wants.  You need to let your audience help you define why they need you.  Because each 35 year old Caucasian man may want something slightly different.

See their many faces.

That’s what intrigued me about David Airey’s Face Behind the Blog post.  Basically, he is reminding all of us that we’re more than the face we hold out as we author our blogs.  He’s suggesting it would be interesting and insightful to share a photo of ourselves that puts us in a different light.  That shows another face.

So far, several others have jumped on board.

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I first read about it at Dawud Miracle’s blog and decided to join in.

So….step aside Blogger/Brander/Marketer Drew and make room for…

Table for One Drew?



I love this picture of my daughter and me.  We’re at (wait for it….) Disney World and we’re waiting for a show to begin in front of Cinderella’s castle.  This is us at our most comfortable, compatible best.  And apparently my head is indeed flat enough to rest a popcorn bucket on!

So what do you say?  Will you show us one of your other sides?


Update:  Here’s who has jumped in since my initial.  Is your name there?

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