Blogtipping — June ’07

Picture_5_1 I am joining with my fellow bloggers in celebrating some new blogs that I enjoyed this past month. 

As is the blogtipping tradition, (created by Easton Ellsworth) I’ll offer a few reasons why I like the blog and one suggestion for improvement.

Because it’s graduation month for so many…I’d like to tip my mortar board to these three marketing student bloggers. I only wish I was half as smart as they are when I was their age. Who am I kidding..I’d still like to be as smart as they are.

I hope all three guys pass on the availability of the FREE e-book written by marketing pros about how to break into the business.

This month’s nods go to….

Student PR Blog is Chris Clarke’s way of reaching out to PR and Communications students and graduates with news they need to know.

Things I love:

  • The depth of information.
  • That you don’t stop at just giving us the facts, you also give us your insight.
  • You update your posts to keep them current.


  • It would be nice if you broke up some of the long posts with some visuals, when you can.

A Student’s Guide to Connecting is just that.  Andy Drish just finished his junior year at Drake University and has already made more connections than I have!

Things I love:

  • The diversity of your posts.
  • That you’re so hungry to learn and you share that learning with us.
  • Your natural, engaging style of writing.


  • How about some visuals to illustrate your points?

The trio would not be complete without Ryan Karpeles and his blog Living Light Bulbs.  Ryan’s done a remarkable job of reaching out to the marketing bloggers world-wide.

Things I love:

  • Your insights are refreshing and thought-provoking.
  • Great, conversational style.
  • You interject a lot of your personality into your posts.


  • It would be very interesting to track your job hunt, once you get started on it.

There you have it discerning readers…until next month’s blogtipping adventure!

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