Celebrating a Virtual Ton of Fun – Drew’s Marketing Minute Hits 2000 Comments Strong!

BalloonSubmitted by Roberta Rosenberg

Drew sent me a quick email informing me I had written his 2000th comment since he launched Drew's Marketing Minute and asked me ever-so-nicely if I would write a post about the reaching this milestone.

David Reich had been tapped for posting duties when his comment clocked in at 1000 and pushed Drew into quadruple digits. David's post, as you can read here, is eloquent and generous. But it didn't take very long to get to 2000, did it, Drew? Barely 2 months and bam! there you are.

What else could I possibly add as your 2000th commentator? Maybe I'll just accept my virtual balloons and confetti and call it a day. (Thank you, everybody. You're the greatest!)

Or maybe not.

I'm still a fair newbie to blogging and social media marketing. Coming to the medium from a marketing/copywriting career in print and old-fashioned web work — amazing to say a 10-year old medium is old-fashioned, but hey, I digress — the overall generosity of the marketing-minded blogging community in general, and Drew in particular, continues to astound and amaze me. And unless you're, like under 25 and are thinking what's the big deal, you probably feel the same way.

From one little acorn grew not only a towering oak but a veritable garden of digital connections. Some direct, some not so. Some useful, some just fun. All good.

Drew's devotion to his craft and his firm grasp on the philosophical and yes, ethical bigger picture, have lead to ebooks, several memes, get-togethers, and an abundance of link love. Hundreds of his fellow bloggers – marketing-oriented and otherwise – have benefited. I know I have, and probably so have you.

Even now, Drew has initiated yet another helping hand. In his post, Help me build a new blogger toolbox, Drew has asked his friends – let's call them "Drewpies" – to provide core resources for newbie bloggers. Someone was kind enough to mention The Copywriting Maven and when I finish this post, I'll be adding a few of my own favorites.

Congrats, kiddo. I'm proud to be a "Drewpie!"

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