A quick trip around the blogosphere (9/9/07)

TripMike Sansone of Converstations introduces us to what he calls our blog’s baseball card, a new tool called Xinu that lets you check all your web stats at a glance.

Josh Spaulding put together an extensive list of on-line tools and resources. My favorite — GahooYoogle.com which allows you to search both google and yahoo at the same time and see the results in a split screen.

WebLiberation Army is holding a contest.  You could win a free video to promote your business on the web.  Hat tip to Freaking Marketing, where I first read about the contest.

Arun Rajagopal conducted a 10-hour social media tour.  Wonder what social media actually means and what it might mean to your life or business?  Let Arun take you on a guided tour.


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4 comments on “A quick trip around the blogosphere (9/9/07)

  1. Thanks for the plug Drew. My wife actually found GahooYoogle a few weeks ago. She mistyped Google and came to some odd site then started searching for other misspelling lol

    I don’t know how I’ve missed your blog but I’ve bookmarked it.

    Have a good one.

  2. Dario says:

    Hi Drew, Thanx for the post.
    Also check out the newly lunched http://www.PolyCola.com search engine by Arbel Hakopian the creator of GahooYoogle.com !!

  3. Hey Josh,

    Sounds like you are not the only innovative thinker in the family! Glad you’re enjoying the blog. Hope you stop back again soon!


  4. Hey Dario,

    No thanks are necessary — it’s a great resource. Thanks for bringing it to us!


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