Where is your customer’s watering hole?

Tiger You're on a photo safari.  You want to get a great shot of the elusive white tiger.  Where do you go?

How about where the tigers hang out?  Where is their watering hole?  Odds are pretty good that if you hang out where the tigers hang out — you'll get that shot.

The same is true of your customers.  Want to have access to them?  Go where they go.  Walk their walk.  Talk their talk.

By hanging out at your customer's watering hole, they become a person you're having a conversation with, not a crowd you are shouting at. 

Where do your customers gather?  What are you doing to make sure you're there too?

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5 comments on “Where is your customer’s watering hole?

  1. Drew-great point. I have been having this conversation with educators. If we do not know about, understand, and value our students “watering hole” (youtube, facebook, blogs,etc…) we will be unable to move past “shouting” at them. Transformative conversations will not happen unless we are able to “walk their walk and talk their talk.” Thanks for the powerful reminder!

  2. Chris says:

    Very good point and great blog. I’ve found there is no age gap on the internet when we just get togethr and exchange ideas and thoughts.

  3. Angela,

    I have always thought the educators who could find “native” ways to communicate to their students turned out to be the remarkable ones.

    Not that they were being hip just to be hip. But by using, for example, Harry Potter to teach character development or a top 10 hit to teach the power of repetition in writing — that breaks through all the barriers.

    Our customers (be they students or buyers) put themselves in an environment where they feel most comfortable. If we can authentically go there too…we have a huge edge.


  4. Lewis,

    Isn’t that the truth! By staying open to new conversations and new places, we meet and learn about some very interesting people.

    I’ve always thought the best marketers are the naturally curious, who observe and engage just for the sake of learning.

    Besides, it makes waiting rooms and plane rides a whole lot more interesting!


  5. Chris,

    Without a doubt, one of the most potent aspects of the internet is the ability to reach out and connect.

    Glad you discovered us. I hope you keep coming back!


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