Who is in my conga line? Those smiling faces!

Picture_7 As we dance our way to my first blogiversary (Saturday the 15th) I want to spend this week honoring some people who have been in front of the line, leading the dance and keeping us on beat.  Because I sure didn’t get here alone!

Without a doubt, some of the warmest, most genuine people in my conga line are the bloggers I have met in person.

It started with Iowa bloggers.  Mike Sansone, Sandy Renshaw, Mike Wagner, Mark True & Cory Garrison, Claire Celsi, the Steens, Tim Johnson, Tom Vander Well, Michael Libbie and many more.  When we gather on the first Friday of every month, we are 40+ strong and pack a Panera.

Then, Terry Starbucker came a calling to Des Moines.  Shortly after that, I got to go to NYC and dine with CK.  Then, SOBCon in Chicago and a very special meet up in NYC again.

With each and every meeting, there is one absolute.  Each blogger is exactly as I knew they would be.  You cannot blog several days a week and hide your humanity.

I’ve made some very  good friends since launching this blog.  And many of them, like Gavin, I have yet to meet in person.  But I know that every  on-line relationship I have forged grows stronger once we’ve sat across from other another and shared laughter, stories and a little bit more of ourselves.

My way of thanking those smiling faces?  Working on creating as many opportunities for face-to-face encounters as possible.  There is no substitute for a genuine smile and a warm hug.  That’s why I’m so excited about the Blogger Social.  I hope to share a smile and a hug with many of you there.

Who is in my conga line?

CK (Christina Kerley)
Gavin Heaton
The smiling faces
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