Who is in my conga line? Mike Sansone

Picture_7 As we dance our way to my first blogiversary (Saturday the 15th) I want to spend this week honoring some people who have been in front of the line, leading the dance and keeping us on beat.  Because I sure didn’t get here alone!

Without a doubt, the man in the front of my conga line is Mike Sansone.

My blog wouldn’t exist let alone enjoy even a modicum of success without Mike teaching me the dance steps.

A year ago, I barely knew what a blog was.  I had no idea about the technology, the culture or the heart of it all.  I’m a decent writer…but I was not a blogger.

I devoured Mike’s wisdom at Converstations and soaked up his how to’s and beware of posts.  But even that didn’t make me a good blogger.

Then, my blogging coach Buddha (aka Mike) very slowly and patiently introduced me to the power of the connections, of sharing what I know and of building a community.

When I had no readers…he was there, cheering. When I got giddy over my first few comments, he was there, cheering.  And today, as I round the bases and head for home, I know he is there, cheering.

He may not wear a funny hat with bananas on it (more of a do-rag sort of guy) but I know I always want him in front of the line, showing me new dance steps, introducing me to good music and encouraging me to find ways to get all of you to join in the dance.

The only way I can thank him is to do as he teaches and hope that my efforts honor him along the way.

Who is in my conga line?

Mike Sansone
CK (Christina Kerley)
Gavin Heaton
The smiling faces
My other blog homes


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