Create forms on the fly for your website or blog!

Picture_1 We talk about conversation and the need for providing feedback mechanisms for our readers, clients and prospects.  But how do we make that happen?

One of the elements we’ve been wanting to add to the MMG site’s Contact page is a form where people could subscribe to the blog, our e-newsletter or get more information. 

But we were struggling with creating a form that actually worked in all the different browsers and let us modify the form on the fly.  Then, I stumbled onto

You create the form and then they provide the code to paste into your site.  I literally created our Contact Us form and had it on our site in less than 15 minutes.

Think about the kinds of things you could add to your blog or website:

  • Event Registration
  • Contact Us
  • Customer Delight survey
  • Employee Application
  • Post Topic Suggestions
  • Speaking Requests
  • What else? has a free version (the one I used) and depending on your needs (# of forms, # of fields etc.)

Besides how easy it is…my favorite feature is that when I edit the form on, it automatically edits the form on my site.  So there’s no going back to amend the code.  Gotta love that!

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