Thinking of using a globe in your logo?

Picture_16 I was standing in Office Depot this weekend and noticed their "let us design your logo" display.  And there they were.  The painfully trite visuals that business owners seem to be drawn to when designing their own logo.

You know the ones — globes, shaking hands, the outline of your state, or the very popular paw print (you pick the animal of choice).

Picture_17 If you want your business to be perceived as unique — don’t use the same, tired visuals that everyone else has already used.  A logo does not have to be a literal translation of your business’ name or deliverable.   

Think beyond the expected.  Think abstract.  Think about building a brand by being fresh and different.

Picture_14 Think anything but a globe.

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4 comments on “Thinking of using a globe in your logo?

  1. I tried to convince a client last year to change their logo (looked similar to AT&T), contracted 10 designs including one of my own, but although appreciative and paying, wanted to keep their logo. At least I got to change it from an ugly purple to a dark blue and change the font to something more striking.

  2. Troy Worman says:

    Excellent advice, Troy. I have one addition–the swoosh element. Oft time we see it sweepin’round a globe or some other imposing image. I think it is overused.

  3. Mario,

    I think one of the hardest aspects of our role with clients is to help them remove their own subjectivity and feelings from decision making.

    Sounds like your client had a connection to their logo, whether it was good for the business or not.

    I feel your frustration. But as you say, at least you got them a little closer to a good choice.


  4. Troy,

    Ah, the orbiting swoosh. You’re right, they are both over used.


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