Are you giving your marketing tactics enough time?

  • Garden You till the ground until it is ready for the seed.
  • You enrich the ground with nutrient-rich manure.
  • You carefully pick out just the right seed, perfectly suited for the time of year and climate in your state.
  • You plant the seed, covering it with the rich soil.
  • You water the seed, making sure it has everything it needs to grow.
  • You check the garden the next day.  Nothing has broken ground.
  • You water again, hoping to see a sprout of growth.
  • You check the garden the following day.  Still nothing.
  • Following the expert advice on the HGTV channel, you lightly water again.
  • You check the garden again the next day.  Nothing.
  • You figure you did something wrong, so you dig up the seed, 2 days before it would have broken ground.

Crazy, right?  Who the heck would go to all that work and then not give the seed the time it needed to grow?

Look in the mirror my friend.  Marketers are guilty of this every day. 

One of the core tenants of marketing is patience.  Long after we are sick and tired of an ad campaign, marketing tactic or tagline — our audience is just beginning to notice it.

How do you know if you’ve given the seed time to break ground?

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