Can we age out as marketers?

Oldman1 One of my favorite blog readers/commenters sent me an e-mail recently.  He was seeking a little bit of advice and perhaps trying to find out if he was all alone in how he was feeling.

Well, I don't think he's all alone at all.  He expressed a concern that has probably crossed most of our minds somewhere along the way.

Here's how he started the e-mail.

AM I GETTING TOO OLD? As a 43-year-old marketing director, how do I stay in touch with a target market of 18-30 year olds? As we get older, how we practice marketing and stay current?

I posted the rest of his e-mail over at Marketing Profs Daily Fix and we are in the middle of a very lively discussion about his/our universal question — how do I stay relevant?

Come over and jump into the conversation.

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