Crash Davis, Belief Statements and renewing those vows

Picture_2 My all time favorite meme is one that was started by Starbucker at Ramblings from A Glass Half Full. His post was inspired by the movie Bull Durham.

There’s that famous scene where Kevin Costner goes into a very passionate recitation of his beliefs which got Starbucker to think about his own.  He invited his readers to share theirs…and voila, a meme is born.

This feels like the time of year when we should pause and know what we believe in.  Do you?

Here’s what I said a year ago.  I’m pleased to say, they haven’t changed a bit.

I believe…

  • being a dad is the most important thing I’ll ever do and that my daughter is my legacy to this world.
  • in God’s grace.
  • passion cannot be ignored.
  • in the healing powers of walking along the ocean.
  • in savoring when you hit the sweet spot…and knowing how to recreate it.
  • everyone should have at least one guilty pleasure and one place that makes them feel like a kid again. (Mine is Disney World!)
  • life’s best smells are babies, a puppy’s belly, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, the softness of a special perfume as you dance to a slow song and a horse barn.  (I do not necessarily recommend that these smells be mixed)
  • good people become great people when they give from their hearts and that most bad people are good people who are stuck.
  • we are never too old to play and be silly.
  • that nothing says I love you quicker than holding hands.
  • baseball is a metaphor for life and that doing what’s right often means hitting a sacrifice bunt.
  • the word empower should be removed from the English language.
  • we all decide the spirit of our day.
  • in the resilience of the human spirit, the depth of the human heart and the potential of the human imagination.
  • that everything is about relationships and people hunger to connect.
  • I am on this earth to be a part of things bigger than myself, to give all that I have and to love without hesitation or reservation.

What do you say…will you join in?  Grab hold of your heart…and tell us and your readers (if you’re a blogger) what you believe in.

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Come on — join in.  Link or track back to this post so I can add your beliefs to the list!  If you don’t have a blog –share your beliefs in the comments section!

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9 comments on “Crash Davis, Belief Statements and renewing those vows

  1. Susan Plunkett says:

    These topics often have interesting cultural perspectives. I admit that while I have certain beliefs I would be loath (in some respects) to provide them as if my list was immovable. Because it’s unwillingness to budge from beliefs that may (I underscore may) lead to community divisions and violence. At the same time you can’t but admire some of the elements folk have added to the list and we all know out belief set provides foundation stones for our actions.

    Everyone has something important to say and to contribute about society no matter their socio-fiscal status or place in said society.

    Honour is a trait not yet dead.

    Credibility and integrity ethically and morally are very important.

    Love and respect deserve to go hand in hand.

    The Earth does not need humans to exist – the Earth deserves the best stewardship we can offer, not just for ensuing generations but because caring for what we have is ‘right’.

    Despite huge political and religious differences around the world, the vast majority of people all hold certain things dear and one is the love of children and the desire to protect them.

    Everyone is responsible for their own actions and statements.

    Working to assist the other to save face in an argument or dispute is important.

    Creativity and talent abound and it is often limited vision that denies outsiders lack of opportunities.

    My perspective is but one however mine is as valuable as any other.

    Most of us desire and need similar things.

    People deserve to honour the God of their choosing. Whilst I may have my own beliefs about the nature of God I do not believe I have an exclusive right to claim what God “is”.

    Sometimes we need to give up personal freedoms for the greater community good and to afford others freedoms.

    People in modern society are generally seeking a ‘village’ in which to exist and ‘be’.

    Life is largely about meaning and interpretation (and response).

    Everyone deserves the best we can give them (this does not allude to goods and chattels but our actions and assurances)

    People feel better and more secure about life when they believe their talents are recognised and valued.

    The Earth is so very beautiful.

    If the work we do is truly meeting our heart and headspace needs we can experience FUN.

    Being silly at any age is good.

    I believe it important to advocate for those without, or with limited, voice.

    Our belief statements may not always cover everything we consider invaluable however they serve as indicators about our fabric and how we view society and our actions within the same.

  2. Susan Plunkett says:

    Oh, and I do have a blog so I guess I believe in relatively free choice as to how to respond to an encouragement to participate! 🙂 I do believe this actually, that unless there is a very good reason to demark response mechanisms, that people should be allowed to respond as they will – even via a drawing – if doing this allows them to speak naturally and honestly and to thus participate at their maximum personal level.

    Again, cultures can respond in different ways to prompts.

  3. Hi Drew! Having just “renewed” my belief statement (I did tweak it a bit) too, I know exactly where you are coming from – it’s a good thing to take stock of where our heart is every now and then, and all the better to put it “out there” for all to see. Thanks for linking back to me, and for your kind words. All the best!

  4. Susan Plunkett says:

    Older citizens deserve the same respect for what they have to potentially offer society as the respect currently offered to graduates.

    (I’d love to see more programs established to tap into the experiential and creative knowledge of those considered “retired”. Considering we have an aging population I think it a shame all the emphasis tends to be on youth potentials. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with mixed aged teams).

  5. Susan Plunkett says:

    I believe in letting people ‘in’.

  6. Ellen Weber says:

    This is a real keeper Drew and guests! Thanks for the inspiration, Drew.

    When life chases us in far too fast a sprint — we step back again and read an amazing post like this one — to find all the refreshment one could ask for in the coming blog week! THANKS! Ellen 🙂

  7. Susan,

    I think I disagree with you a little. I think most people do have a set of beliefs/values that they do and should cling to — as their anchor.

    While nuances of those beliefs may change over time…the center of it — the truth of it — does not.


  8. Ellen,

    Thanks right back at you for joining in the original run of this meme. I hope people will grab it and run with it!

    I agree — these kinds of posts are a nice reminder of what it’s really all about.


  9. Terry,

    You have written many wise things, but I still think this post was your absolute best!


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