Age of Conversation’s gift of life

Stickergirl Today seems like a very appropriate day to talk about the amazing gifts that the Age of Conversation has made possible.

All the proceeds of this remarkable book were donated to Variety, the Children’s Charity.  Because we wanted the money to represent the international make up of our authors, we earmarked the money for one of Variety’s programs, Lifeline.

Lifeline’s sole mission is providing medical assistance to children with treatable and survivable heart conditions in countries where the appropriate medical facilities, expertise or resources do not exist.

Lifeline’s primary focus continues to be pediatric cardiac surgeries, but is also involved in pediatric neurosurgeries, cranial-facial procedures, tuberculosis, neo-natal clinics, pediatric rehabilitative medicine and plastic surgeries for children all over the world.

Chilegirl Thanks to the diligent efforts of the authors and other bloggers — together, we have donated over $11,000 to the charity in 2007.

I thought you’d enjoy seeing the faces of some of the children who have literally had their lives saved in the last few months. 

There are children alive and laughing today because of your efforts.

And added plus — Lifeline’s efforts will be featured on the Today Show (NBC) on Christmas Day.  Not sure what time…but tivo it!

7 comments on “Age of Conversation’s gift of life

  1. David Reich says:

    Drew, thanks to you and Gavin for putting this project together and for making it so much more than a conversation, as your post shows.

  2. Craig Wilson says:

    Well done to you and Gavin for putting together such an engaging project. I think we as participants may have benefited as much as the children who Variety helps.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Craig Wilson

  3. Nick Rice says:

    It was awesome to work on this project with all of you.

    My thanks go out to Gavin & Drew for spearheading the effort. I’m sure everyone touched by our little 2.0 project thanks you too!

    Merry Christmas & happy holidays!

    Nick Rice

  4. Thanks to you all. Together we’ve done something truly remarkable. I’m proud to have been a part of it!

    Happy holidays!


  5. Bob Glaza says:

    Thanks Drew – this is a wonderful update on fund distribution for the book. Greatly appreciated!

    Happy New Year and a belated Happy Birthday 🙂

  6. Troy Worman says:

    Thanks for the update, Drew. Awesome work.

  7. Ash Chuan says:

    I have a copy of AOC and it is great to know that all the combined efforts from yourself and bloggers around the world have touched and helped those in need of help. Well done.


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