Viral video — are you looking for lots of eyes?

Eyes A couple days ago, I opened the topic of vlogging, viral videos, YouTube, etc.  My question was….do you viral video?  The statistics in the Pew study that I referenced in that post suggest that the number of people who are viewing viral videos (on sites like YouTube) is growing at a frantic pace.

But does that mean you should be doing it?  And if so….how?  Why?

I wrote a post about the presidential candidates marketing tactics and a couple people suggested that I should make a video because it would get some great exposure.   My question back to them was — "I will gladly do it  but I don’t want to just be a talking head.  Other ideas?"

So far, we haven’t come up with anything, hence no Drew on YouTube.  (And no, I am not donning an Uncle Sam beard and hat.)

One of the reasons why I think more people aren’t doing video is linked to my question. 

It’s not that I don’t want to do it.  But I want to do it well.  And for a purpose.  I thought it might be interesting to look at some different videos and talk about their purpose. Naturally, I am hoping that will trigger you thinking about how video might serve your business (or not) and jump into the conversation.  (If you subscribe via e-mail, please check on the headline above to be taken to the blog – so you can view these videos.)

Let’s look at some videos that clearly are intended to get a lot of eyes.  This trio of videos from HP were done to introduce the small business community to their Total care program.  Much like the 5 top viral videos of ’07, these are high end, funny and short.  Tailor made for being shared among a wide audience.

Life without HP: Car Wash

Life without HP: Experts

Life without HP:  Bubble Wrap

Funny?  I thought so.  Did they clearly demonstrate some of the values of HP’s Total Care?  I would say yes.  Are they well done enough to get passed around?  I’d guess so.  They’ve been on YouTube for a little over a month and Car Wash (apparently the most popular) has had over 8,000 views.

Do I think these videos accomplished HP’s goals?  It’s probably too early to know.  But, I am guessing if they get a few hundred thousand views, the answer will be yes.

Would doing videos like these serve your business?  If so…how?  If not, what is missing?

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