Do the numbers have it?

Numbers Numbers can be a compelling sales motivator.  No matter what we’re buying, as consumers we like to see some data. 

It validates our choice and either helps us feel like part of the crowd  –"4 out of 5 dentists recommend Trident" or in an elite group of special customers —  "only one in every 2,000 applicants will be invited to join."

But use them with caution because numbers alone don’t convince most people to actually buy.  They need something else.  They need the story.

When we show consumers a bunch of number or a comparison chart – they see the data but they don’t always see the relevance to their life or needs.  But when your marketing materials tell a memorable story and put the numbers into a rich context, your potential buyer understands why the numbers matter. 

When you wrap the numbers into a testimonial or a before and after story, you’re bringing whatever you sell to life.  You tap into the emotional needs or wants of your potential consumer by helping them envision just how your product or service will help them.  You paint a picture that makes them want what you’re selling.  Then, the numbers validate their desire.  It turns a want into a smart buying decision.  You have now appealed to both sides of the buyers’ brains.  And both sides can see, in the way it processes information best, the value of your product/service.

Next time you’re writing copy for any of your marketing materials, make sure you blend the power of numbers with some good old-fashioned storytelling. 

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