Analogies = sales

Story If you’ve read this blog for awhile, you know I believe in the power of storytelling, especially analogies.   

If you want to talk about the importance of your employees understanding/believing in your company’s brand, why of course you’d talk about little red wagons.

If you need to convince someone of the importance of repetition and consistency, wouldn’t you naturally talk about toothbrushing?

The importance of planning?  Why getting to Cleveland silly.  How marketing should feel?  Hello…campfire.  You get the idea.

Analogies work because:

  • They break down the complex and make it simple
  • They turn the unfamiliar into something relevant
  • They are very memorable
  • They’re viral — you can tell the story and watch it spread
  • They take the abstract and make it tangible

But don’t just take my word for it.  Check out this article at What Jill’s selling is no fish story!

Think of the most complex aspect of what you sell.  If you could make it tangible, relevant and easy to understand — do you think you’d sell more?  What analogy could you use to vividly describe it?

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4 comments on “Analogies = sales

  1. Hi Drew,

    Thanks for sharing my mom’s article. She’ll be really happy to hear that you find her advise useful.

    If anyone is interested in reading more articles by Jill Konrath, she has plenty of free resources for sellers available at:
    or her blog:

    Hope this helps!

  2. Katie,

    I’ve enjoyed your mom’s work for some time. She gets it and has quite the talent in helping others get it too.


  3. From what you just stated above. I believe that Analogies eventually boil down to the management you sustain in your organisation & it is very crucial to maintain a high level of work flow in an organisation to keep up with the competition. I like the way you have shown the concept of Analogies.

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