Are you saying too much?

Shush One of the constant discussions we have with clients is that usually they try to say too much.  It’s human nature I suppose.  We want to tell a prospect everything and anything.  it’s almost a reaction of panic.  "What if I can’t get their attention again?"

Well guess what.  If your initial communication is so jammed with information and facts that they can’t make their way through it, you won’t get their attention again.  And frankly, you don’t deserve it.

Remember, that all buying decisions are emotion-based decisions.  People have to like and trust you before they can need you.

We create emotional connections with people, places, companies, products and brands.  We do that, little by little, over time.  Getting to know someone isn’t an instantaneous process.  It takes some time and patience.  We learn new information with each meeting.  The information beings to build up and tell a story.

If you are trying to drive one-time sales, then sure…cut to the chase.  But if you want to create loyal, repeat customers — you need to let them get to know your product/service by telling them a little at a time.  Not sticking a fire hose in their mouth and hoping they can drink it all in at one sitting.

We can take a page from the current political landscape and learn a little.  There was an interesting article from Minnesota’s public radio that explored how part of what is working for Obama may be the fact that he isn’t saying much

What do you think?  Take a minute and look at your sales fliers, website, or print ads.  Are you saying too much?

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