Are your actions drowning out your words?

Picture_1 We’ve all been pretty impressed with LifeLock’s marketing.  The CEO publicly shares his social security number to prove his confidence in LifeLock’s ability to guarantee protection from identity theft.

It’s very bold and attention-getting.  So I decided I wanted some more information.  After all, I don’t want anyone stealing my identity.  (Although a teen-aged daughter makes you wonder if some bad guy could really do more damage than a trip to the local DSW store!)

I went to their website and found the member services e-mail address (easily accessible under Contact Us) and fired off my relatively simple questions. 

No reply. 

So, I repeated the steps and re-sent my questions.

No reply.

Because I am a stubborn cuss — I actually did it for a third time.  Guess what happened.

No reply.  No automated — "thanks for your e-mail, we’ll get right back to you."  No canned "have you tried our FAQ section."  Nothing.

Hmm.  These are the people who promise me diligence in watching over my identity?  These are the people who I am going to try to contact if there’s a problem?

I had bought the promise — hook, line and sinker.  I was ready to buy.  I practically had my credit card out of my wallet.  But now, I’m not so sure.  Now, their actions have contradicted their words.  And the actions are much louder.

How about your business?  You’re making a bold brand promise, right?  Are you sure that your actions match that promise?  Is there a weak spot? 

Could your actions, reactions or lack of action be drowning out your words?

UPDATE:  Several of you have shared the breaking news story that Lifelock’s CEO has just had his identity stolen.  No wonder they’re behind in answering their e-mail!