The ingredients of WOW!

30879046 When was the last time you raved about a business?  Was it because their product was so notably superior?  Or was it because something they did WOWed you?

Think of the companies that we hear about every day.  Disney, Nordstroms, and Whole Foods comes to mind.  We don’t hear about their rides, shirts or olive selection.  We hear about something memorable they did or created.  We hear about the atmosphere, the attitudes and the energy level.

We hear about the WOW.

Think about the last time you were WOWed.  What elements were present?  How did they create that moment that you couldn’t help but talk about?

Or….how do you create WOW for your clients?  What do you do that absolutely delights them?

For me, one of the absolutes is surprise.  it doesn’t have to be a big surprise.  In fact, the more minute the detail, the better.

Once you’ve thought about it (and hopefully shared here) for a bit, check out this post by Michael Hyatt.  He talks about his own experiment in trying to identify WOW.  What do you think of his concoction of WOW ingredients?

3 comments on “The ingredients of WOW!

  1. Robyn says:

    I thought his list was thoughtful based on seeing a beautiful sight from Scottish shores, watching the birth of a first baby or a first kiss. He gathered the WOW moments of people he worked for. Sometimes WOW moments are surprising as you say, but sometimes we anticipate them ahead and for me the anticipation’s almost as good as the real experience because you imagine and live it ahead.

    A product would need to be awfully good, Drew, to match some of the WOW moments that Micheal mentions. 🙂

  2. Robyn,

    Very true, it is an awe-inspiring list. But I think it’s very possible for a company to create those same emotions. Perhaps not at the same depth but the expectations are also different.

    If you remember my Disney series…they did trigger many of those same WOW elements. Even if a business could only trigger a couple — think how impressive and buzz-worthy that would be.


  3. Lewis,

    A very good point. Your WOW might be my YAWN! Another good argument for creating 3D personas of our ideal customers and then doing the detective work needed to really uncover the answers.


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