You stay in the nest until they’re ready to fly

34696261 Clients aren’t always ready to go where you need to take them. 

They might be afraid.  They might not have the budget.  They might be caught up in some internal politics.  What you’re asking them to do might be difficult.  Or, they might not get it. 

But the bottom line is, they aren’t ready to leave the nest. 

We see that sometimes with clients when we talk about branding.  They might think it’s just fluff or they haven’t wrapped their arms around the idea that their logo is not their brand.  Whatever the reason — they aren’t ready to take advantage of the power that comes from truly knowing and living your brand story.

So as an agency, we have a choice.  We can tell them to come back when they’re ready or we can meet them where they are, stuck in their nest.

Wed all have clients like that.  Those clients are like baby birds.  If we rush them, shoving them out of the nest….splat!    That serves no purpose but our ego.

We need to be patient and just hang with them in the nest.  We can feed them little tidbits of information, letting them learn slowly and absorb what we’re telling them.   Sooner or later, they’ll want to stretch their wings a little.

When you think about it, that’s our job.  To help clients gain the information and confidence (in us) they need so they can stretch their wings. 


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