How do your customers describe you?

36607072 As promised, I want to spend the next couple Thursdays talking about word of mouth marketing.  We all want our customers to tell their friends and colleagues about us but do we have any idea what they might be saying?

Here's a ten minute assignment for you. 

Go to your favorite free online survey tool, like Survey Monkey.  Create a new poll and ask these three questions:

  • Do you ever talk about McLellan Marketing Group (obviously, fill in your own company name!)
  • If so, what do you tell people about us? 
  • If you had to describe McLellan Marketing Group in a single word, what word would you choose?

Now, send an e-mail to all your clients, past clients, vendors, etc.  Explain that you're trying to understand how you're perceived in the marketplace and because you value the relationship you have with them, you're counting on them to be candid on a very quick, 3 question survey.

The power of this is two-fold.  One, you're going to get some eye-opening insights.  But second, you are making the people you survey feel important and valued.  And in a subtle way, suggesting that you might be talk-worthy.

Send out the survey and prepare to be surprised. Most of the time, people do not spout off your features and benefits.  They talk about what sticks with them, what feels different, something that surprised them.

What do you think they'll say?

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