Calling all art directors, designers and logo creators – win $250

Picture 2 I will try to make this brief.  Last spring, I was approached by a company in the UK called Logo Inn who creates logos and identity packages online.  They wanted to do a contest, demonstrating their services.

So I did a series of posts on logo design and offered one organization a chance to win a free logo….as long as the entire process could unfold here on the blog, so we could all learn from it.

The series looked like this:.

That last post was where things spiraled out of control.  The city of Colfax (and most of my commenting readers) weren't crazy about any of the logos.  So I sent all the critiques back to the logo company and then heard nothing.  I've attempted to e-mail my contact there for several months — but nothing.

But I promised the city of Colfax a new logo and dang it, they're going to get one!

This is where you come in.  My company, MMG could do it.  We design logos for clients all the time.  But instead, we decided it would be more fun and more of a learning experience, to open it up.  So here are the "rules" as it were:

~ We're putting up a $250 VISA gift card for the winning designer. 

~ Use the creative brief post to read about what they want

~ Download a PPT of photos from the town by clicking here

~ Read Colfax's reaction to the Logo Inn logos by clicking here

~ Submit your new logos (jpg format please) in BLACK AND WHITE ONLY to me ( by Friday, December 4th

~  We will publish all the choices here (with a link to the designer's website/blog)

~ Colfax chooses a winner and you get a gift card before the holidays!

What do you say?  You ready to show the world your work and help out a great Iowa town?

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7 comments on “Calling all art directors, designers and logo creators – win $250

  1. Cyndi Papia says:

    Oh, awesome idea, Drew!

  2. Jay says:

    Don’t be surprised if you’re deluged with comments about this amounts to “spec” work for designers and how it’s a bad idea.

  3. Mike Ward says:

    Drew, please don’t suck your readers into this morass again. The Colfax group issued a clear creative brief that the design firm dutifully followed. Then the “committee” rejected all of their work for reasons that totally nullified their brief. No wonder you never heard back from them! Logo designers beware: this group is gonna be a nightmare…

  4. Cap says:

    @Jay That’s because Spec work IS bad for designers. Contests like these undermine the value of the work designers perform.

    This IS Spec work and I’d encourage any designers considering this “contest” to rethink their position.

  5. Mark says:

    Just one thought on your logo(s), you want to look at not just a logo that will look good in full color but also one that will look good in future marketing materials whether that be letterhead or a pen. All too often fancy and elaborate logos are designed that can rarely be used to their full potential due to the costs of imprinting.

  6. Obviously, I disagree with those of you who think this is bad for designers. For many freelancers who do not have a wide circle of business yet, this could be great exposure.

    If someone’s already busy with higher paying clients, I assume they’ll self-select out.

    This is a “if you want to play” opportunity. It’s not for everyone, but for people trying to break into the business or students — it might be the perfect pre-holiday chance.


  7. Mark,

    That’s why we always present logos in black and white. It has to work in that format before we even think colors.

    Good point!


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