How do you see your clients

Love A client of ours, E-Myth Benchmark, who does excellent work with small business leaders (including yours truly) has this philosophy about their clients:

"Our clients are much greater than they know.  It's our honor to help them discover that truth about themselves."

Imagine if every time you answered the phone, shot off an e-mail or met with a client, you were filled with that attitude.   How might that change the dynamics of your relationship?  How would a bit of reverence change your company's culture?

I've said it before….if you can't genuinely love your clients, you should fire them.  They deserve better.

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2 comments on “How do you see your clients

  1. Too True!!

    I also really admire the courage it takes to get into your own business and do battle day after day with some huge corporate businesses.

    Clients have smarts but also have incredible tenacity, courage and intellect. It really is a pleasure working with them.

    Thanks for this post!


  2. MAS,

    In most cases, we’re pretty fortunate to work with the clients we do. So….we should help them see how great they have the potential to be.


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