What are your sales mistakes costing you?

Screen shot 2009-11-27 at 9.14.30 PM When you lose a client or are pitching business that you don't win — do you know why you weren't chosen?

Most business leaders, if they were being honest, would have to admit they don't. 

RainToday wants to offer some insights from their new report Deal or No Deal:  Sales Mistakes that Turn Buyers Away. (you can download it for free here).

The biggest sales mistake?  We've talked about it before but apparently, you weren't listening.  The #1 mistake…Not listening.  Shocker.

But….the real shocker is when you look at the chart that shows both the biggest mistakes AND the "much more likely to buy if they improved" items.  Then you begin to truly understand the cost of some of those shortcomings. 

One of the mistakes I find most startling is the "did not respond to my requests in a timely manner."  Seriously people — they're asking to buy and you don't get back to them?  Apparently 30+% of businesses out there actually make this faux pas.  A whopping 57% of respondents say that if a business was better about this — they'd be much more likely to buy.

Duh.  Shame on any business who makes this sadly common mistake.

The entire report is eye-opening.  Download it today.  And don't forget to visit RainToday's blog.  Check it out here!

So….you've realized that you're making some of these huge sales mistakes.  What should you do?  How about getting some new sales habitudes?  That's right….a new set of attitudes and habits that will get your sales on the right track.

My friend Jeff Garrison has written an excellent e-book on sales habitudes and is offering it to you for free!

Chapters include …

  • A Business Owner's Biggest Challenge
  • The Genesis of Sales Habitudes
  • The Sales Habitudes Explained

Download it today….and get yourself on the right sales track!

There you have it…one report to help you learn what you're doing wrong and the another to help you get back on the straight and narrow!  Download them both and then get out there and make some serious sales!

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